Bask in a Rooftop Pool at Denver's Former Playboy Club

Here's where sexy meets luxury

Warwick Hotel Rooftop Pool

 Warwick Hotel 

Even after the ski slopes open, you can regularly find warm and sunny days in Denver, all throughout the fall and winter. Yes, it's confusing to see 70-degree days in October. But that's Colorado. And that means you can always squeeze in some sunshine and outdoor fun.

So hey, why not go sunbathing on a rooftop pool for Halloween?

The Warwick Denver Hotel is one of the few hotels in the Denver area that boasts a rooftop pool with a nearly 360-degree view: of the forever plains in one direction, the mountains in the other and the cityscape to the northwest.

You can find a few other hotels with rooftop pools in Cherry Creek, but the Warwick claims to be the only one in what would be considered part of the downtown Denver area. Technically, the Warwick is located in the “Uptown” neighborhood, an older part of town with large trees and great indie businesses. But it’d be fair to call it Uptown Downtown, if that were a thing.

The hotel is just a few blocks walk from some of the most popular parts of town, or a less-than-five-minute bike ride. Guests can borrow cute cruiser bikes for free, so you can easily zip back and forth from the heart of Denver's action, and keep the Warwick as your home base.

In 2016, the Warwick completed a $1-million renovation of the pool and surrounding deck area.

Early 2018, the hotel completed a major renovation of all 216 rooms and suites. Every room was redone to have high-speed wifi, HDTVs and more. Rooms were refurbished to look more elegant and modern, while still maintaining a rustic, mountain vibe.

The Warwick also renovated its elevators, as well as its exterior with new paint and details.

After all this work, this historical hotel feels brand new in some places, while still preserving its unique past. And boy, does this historic building have quite the quirky history.

Warwick Hotel in Denver, Colorado
 Warwick Hotel

Bunnies, Welcome

Back in the day, this building was home to the Playboy Club — yup, “the Hef’s” Colorado nightclub chain. When it was the Playboy Club, guests could go swimming with the Playboy bunnies or watch them through portholes on the ceiling of the 15th floor, right below the pool level.

Today, those portholes have been covered up (because, really, it’s a bit odd to watch regular guests swimming from below) and the sexy 15th floor has been converted to a beautiful ballroom and meeting room with oversized floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over Denver.

Instead of Hugh Hefner, now the 15th floor puts the spotlight on brides and businesspeople.

But The Warwick still preserves a hint of its celebratory background, with a daily wine and cheese hour from 5 to 6 p.m. Guests are welcome to complimentary glasses of wine and cheese and a plate of cheese and crackers. Sip your vino in the elegant lobby and meet other guests, before heading to dinner at Randolph’s, the dining on site.

With the warm fall weather, it’s still suitable to grab a table on the large front patio, which is lined with large trees. In the summer, the chef takes to the patio’s grill to prepare your meals before your eyes.

Randolph’s also has a large and cozy bar.

Warwick Hotel Suite
 Warwick Hotel 

Some Things Don't Change

Some features haven't changed, like the Warwick’s massive, private balconies. That’s one of its biggest claims to fame in Colorado. It’s rare to find a Denver hotel with a balcony, much less such a large one. The rooms were originally built as apartments, and then later converted to hotel rooms, which makes for spacious lodging and a true homey feeling that many other hotels can’t squeeze in.

Rooms here average more than 425 square feet.  

Warwick rooms also are known for their mega, walk-in closets and awesome views of the city. The mini bars are stocked with local goodies and drinks. Bathrooms boast marble finishes and luxe products.

The fitness and business center is open 24 hours.

As for the pool renovations, the $1 mill went toward a new bar (to make it extra easy to get a drink while relaxing), tropical-style cabana furniture and a fresh, new pool.

The heated pool is open year-round. Although with 300 or so days of sunshine in Colorado (yes, even when it snows it’s usually sunny out), combined with October’s occasional shorts-and-sandals weather, Colorado’s summer doesn’t feel like it’s ever going to end.

When you book your room, ask about special pool packages and other deals. 

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