Romantic Things to Do in Amsterdam

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    Introduction & Romantic Idea 1: See Amsterdam by Night

    The Amsterdam Canals by Night
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    Romantic Things to Do in Amsterdam
    Whether it's February -- and you're in Amsterdam with your Valentine -- or August -- and you and that certain someone fall victim to the romance of warm air and 10:00 sunsets -- Amsterdam is a romantic city.

    This visual guide offers plenty of options for couples who want to experience the dream-like qualities of Amsterdam, whether indoors or in the open-air, over-the-top expensive or absolutely free. Take your pick of these romantic things to do in Amsterdam.

    See Amsterdam by Night
    It's safe to say that the magical quality of Amsterdam at night will put you in the romantic mood all by itself. Bridge lights glow in the canals and couples walk hand-in-hand along cobbled streets as they peek through the windows of stately canal houses. Amsterdam by night, especially in the grachtengordel, or "canal belt," offers lovers (or friends who hope to be) a shimmery scene to explore together.

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    Romantic Idea 2: Take a Private Amsterdam Canal Cruise

    amsterdam canal boat
    ••• Salon boats are available for private canal cruises in Amsterdam. kirkandmimi / Pixabay
    Take a Private Amsterdam Canal Cruise
    While it's not a cheap endeavor, hiring a private boat and guide to cruise Amsterdam's canals is much more romantic than sitting next to strangers and their three teenagers on a massive group boat. Aboard one of the quaint "salon boats," you and your significant other can enjoy a private dinner or just sip champagne as you float along Amsterdam's waters. To book, I suggest Rent a Boat Amsterdam, a highly reputable local company that represents several different restored salon boats for rent. Be sure to ask them about special catered or themed cruises.
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    Romantic Idea 3: Dine in 'Heaven' in Amsterdam

    Ciel Bleu
    ••• © 2017 Hotel Okura Amsterdam
    Dine in 'Heaven' in AmsterdamCiel Bleu (French for "blue heaven") restaurant on the 23rd floor of Amsterdam's Hotel Okura offers patrons not only a world-class dining experience (in 2007, it became the only Amsterdam restaurant with two Michelin stars), but also the best bird's-eye views of Amsterdam. If dinner is just too pricey for your budget, you can still impress a date with a drink or two at the adjacent champagne and cocktail bar "Twenty-Third," which offers the same stunning panoramic views.
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    Romantic Idea 4: Stay in a Five-star Amsterdam Hotel

    John and Yoko Suite
    ••• Courtesy of Hilton Hotels & Resorts
    Stay in a Five-star Amsterdam Hotel
    If you really want to show your special someone that he/she deserves the best, stay in one of Amsterdam's five-star hotels. There's something very romantic about fine linens, elegant décor and service beyond anything you really need.If you're a peace-loving kind of couple, you can even stage your own "bed-in" in the very room where John Lennon and Yoko Ono did the same in the Hilton Amsterdam in 1969. Just be sure you're ready to pay the € 1,400 per night!Consult my list of the Top Five-Star Hotels in Amsterdam to make your choice.
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    Romantic Idea 5: Shower Your Loved One with Flowers

    Bloemenmarkt Amsterdam
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    Shower Your Loved One with Flowers
    The Bloemenmarkt ("flower market") in Amsterdam is bursting with colorful bunches of seasonal flowers year-round, most at prices well below what you pay in countries like the United States. So why not make your stay in Amsterdam a little more romantic by creating a hotel room in bloom?

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    Romantic Idea 6: Buy a Fresh-cut Diamond

    A Coster Diamonds employee holds a freshly cut diamond
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    Buy a Fresh-cut Diamond
    It's not a typo -- I don't mean "fresh-cut flowers." Amsterdam is indeed one of the diamond-polishing capitals of the world, home to the infamous Coster Diamonds, the firm responsible for recutting the controversial, 5,000-year-old Koh-i-noor diamond, which sits in a British Royal Crown in the Tower of London today. While you may not be able to afford a 105-carat stone fit for royalty, Coster and other diamond factories like Gassan offer free guided tours of their polishing and cutting rooms and feature showrooms filled with sparkling fruits of their labor for sale. You'll be sure to find the world's best-cut diamonds in Amsterdam.

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    Romantic Idea 7: See Amsterdam by Horse and Carriage

    horse drawn carriage Amsterdam
    ••• Omid Tavallai / Flickr / CC BY-ND 2.0