Montreal's Most Romantic Restaurants

Montreal's romantic restaurants include Les 400 Coups.
••• Photo courtesy of Les 400 Coups

It's no secret Montreal is a foodie mecca with more than 4,700 restaurants listed on TripAdvisor at last check. Of those, at least one thousand of them are solid bets, including some that never get mentioned in blogs or anywhere in the media and yet keep attracting full houses as the years go by.

Montreal has romantic restaurants on every bustling street corner. There are swaths of Montreal businesses worthy of mention on this list, but we've pared it down to 18. Romance and sensuality are part of what makes Montreal, well, Montreal.

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    Montreal's most romantic restaurants include Le P'tit Plateau.
    ••• Among Montreal's romantic restaurants is bring-your-own-wine French bistro Le P'tit Plateau. Photo courtesy of Le P'tit Plateau

    You'll find fine French cuisine in a down-to-earth, come-as-you-are locale one block south of Mont-Royal Avenue in the Plateau. You'd be lucky to fit more than two dozen people in the small, charming open-kitchen dining area. It's a bring-your-own-wine restaurant too, a bonus considering how well-executed the dishes are, from duck magret to fall-off-the-bone lamb. A lovely spot when you want to treat a carnivorous loved one to high-end cuisine without the dress code and a hefty price tag. Think tables d'hôtes with salad or soup and coffee or tea under $40.

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    Montreal's most romantic restaurants include L'Express.
    ••• Some people might find L'Express too loud and bustling to be romantic. I beg to differ. Guylain Doyle / Getty Images

    L'Express has been a Montreal institution since it opened its doors on St. Denis Street in 1980, a French bistro of your dreams. Go for your own pot of unlimited gherkins, the bottomless bread basket, the loud but elegant crowd, and of course, the wine. The wine list is out of control, so long that you'll probably need help choosing, but prices vary greatly, so you're sure to find the right bottle.

    Visit if you're in the mood for a stylish yet unstuffy Paris-like ambiance with ace service, wine at any price point, and excellent food. Try the steak tartare with fries, taste the salmon, and take a few risks, like with the tender and sweet calf liver steak.

    The dress code is all over the map and it is a little noisy, but this place still reeks of romance.


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    Montreal's most romantic restaurants most definitely include Maison Boulud.
    ••• To not list Maison Boulud among Montreal's most romantic restaurants is akin to sacrilege. Photo courtesy of Maison Boulud

    Lyon native Daniel Boulud, the Michelin-starred chef who launched more than a dozen lauded restaurants in New York City and the world over, opened Maison Boulud in Montreal's prestige-laden Ritz-Carlton Hotel in 2011. It's been a rave fest ever since.

    The decor, the service, the impeccable plating... the only thing that might hurt is your wallet. Anticipate spending $300 for two at the very minimum, not even yet counting in the wine, at this swanky downtown destination located in the heart of Montreal's Golden Mile district.

    As for the dress code, it's "casually elegant, no jacket or tie required."

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    Montreal's romantic restaurants include Europea.
    ••• Because detail is everything at Europea. Photo courtesy of Europea

    Because who doesn't want to be treated like royalty? Enter Europea, a fine-dining establishment in Montreal's downtown Golden Mile district deemed by TripAdvisor to be the best restaurant in Canada in 2015.

    As with Maison Boulud, you will pay dearly for your meal, but consider it an investment in an experience, a memory unlikely to fade anytime soon. This is where you have one of the best meals of your life. This is where you propose marriage to a loved one. Europea is whimsical elegance unsurpassed. You'll see what we mean by the time you're presented with the "tree of guilty pleasures."

    Don't skimp on the duds. Dress code is "business chic" so look the part.

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    Montreal's most romantic restaurants include Hoogan et Beaufort.
    ••• Photo courtesy of Hoogan et Beaufort © Alison Slattery Photogrpahy

    Hoogan et Beaufort opened with a bang in late 2015.  Its owners are none other than Les 400 Coups' former chef and sommelier, Marc-André Jetté and William Saulnier.

    Located in the Angus Shops area, a revitalized railcar manufacturing complex, Hoogan & Beaufort features industrial stylings, high ceilings, and exposed overhead beams courtesy of the restaurant's not-so-distant past. Also equipped with a wood oven, Hoogan & Beaufort is a place where you bring the food-obsessed loves of your life who want to experience creativity unbridled, the vanguard of Quebec's market cuisine movement. It's a joint for folks who relish new flavors and casual, chatty atmospheres over traditional dishes served in formal and discrete ambiances often associated with haute cuisine.

    From black cod gravlax to buttermilk rib eye steak served with edible pholiota mushrooms, parsnips and juniper berries to lobster cavatelli paired with carrots and tarragon, dinner for two can easily reach...MORE $200.

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    Montreal's romantic restaurants include Modavie.
    ••• Photo courtesy of Modavie

    Wine, lamb, and all that jazz. That's how they roll at Modavie, an Old Montreal haunt with a menu that mixes French bistro with Mediterranean fare to the tune of live jazz.

    If it's winter, prelude the evening with an outing to Old Montreal's gorgeous Bonsecours Basin skating rink. If it's any other season? Try an après-dinner walk through Old Montreal. Doesn't get more romantic than that.

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    Nothing quite like raw fish to get those juices flowing. Junichi Ikematsu is arguably at the top of Montreal's crop of sushi chefs. He is a formally trained Japanese sushi chef who is a master of the craft in the form of classic sushi and sashimi fare done right in the confines of his Laurier West restaurant, Jun I.

    No razzle dazzle plating here, lovely presentation all around, but you can tell Ikematsu wants the fish to do the talking. Count on spending a little over $200 for two, wine and tip included. There's no dress code but look clean and presentable to fit right in.

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    Montreal romantic restaurant Le Nil Bleu serves Ethiopian food.
    ••• Nil Bleu / Getty Images

    Sharing from the same communal plate while eating with your hands has a way of bonding diners together, at least for the span of a night, which is but part of Le Nil Bleu's appeal, arguably Montreal's best Ethiopian restaurant. 

    There's something for everyone on the menu too, including vegan and gluten-free options. The tasting menu for two at $60 is what many return for, with its variety of lamb, chicken, filet mignon, chickpea, split peas, lentils and veggie ​samplers served with injera, a gluten-free spongey sour flatbread which serves as a scooping utensil and subtle flavor backdrop complementing what are predominantly berbere sauces. Low lighting contributes to the intimate, romantic ambiance.

    Nil Bleu has fun mixed drinks too.

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    Montreal romantic restaurants include Toqué.
    ••• Photo courtesy of Toqué

    Toqué's cofounder and once executive chef, Normand Laprise, practically defines Quebec gastronomy. Laprise is a pioneer of Quebec haute cuisine, meticulously plated dishes brimming with locally-sourced ingredients, wild concepts, and stunning flavor combinations.

    As with Europea, Toqué is one of Canada's finest tables, with both representing the country's only two Relais et Châteaux members, a France-based international fellowship of luxury hotels and restaurants remarkably fussy with regards to whom they let into their circle. 

    Not that Toqué is fussy. Nor is it stuffy. Service is quite friendly and down-to-earth. And you don't absolutely need a jacket and tie to walk through the door, but do dress smart. And count on spending well over $300 for two unless you opt for the tasting menu which generally hovers around the $120 per person price point. But even then, to go full-on epicurean, you'll want those wine pairings, which range from $80 to over $100 for anywhere...MORE from 5 to 7 glasses, each carefully chosen to match every course of the tasting menu. Or keep it simple with one bottle as recommended by the sommelier. Don't be afraid to ask for an affordable one.

    Located right by Montreal's largest convention centre, Palais des congrès, Toqué is sandwiched between Old Montreal and Chinatown which makes for a pleasant after-dinner walk provided the weather cooperates.

    For a less expensive Laprise option, try Brasserie T, a Parisian style brasserie in the heart of Montreal's entertainment district. The dishes retain some of that refined plating and flavors at a more affordable price point. It's haute French bistro comfort food.

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    Montreal's most romantic restaurants include Milos.
    ••• Photo courtesy of Milos

    Montreal's best Greek restaurant is also the city's most sensuous, if only by cursory virtue of its white curtains grazing surrounding windows like a scene out of a romance novel. 

    Then there are the fish and seafood dishes, ultra fresh fish and seafood caught just hours earlier. Milos is anything but cheap. However, you get what you pay for with personable if friendly service, elegant ambiance, sizable portions, and food quality so remarkable that even the croutons could be made from bread flown in from Greece.

    Milos is consistently ranked not only as the city's top Greek restaurant but as one of Montreal's best dining experiences across the board.

    Try Milos' late-night menu at a discount of the normal price.

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    Les Enfants Terribles

    Montreal bistro and French brasserie Les Enfants Terribles has four locations in and around Montreal. But for the purposes of romance, you'll want to make a beeline for its Au Sommet PVM location. The view is to die for, given it's one of Montreal's highest restaurants, 44 floors above ground level. Ambiance is smart casual and the food ranges from comfort fare to elegant French cuisine with Asian accents. All budgets could work here, from $50 for 2 if both parties stick to the simpler mains and go easy on the booze, to $200 for two for multiple courses with wine and tip.

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    Montreal romantic restaurants include Barroco.
    ••• Photo courtesy of Barroco

    Craving paella? How about one with squid, shrimp, scallops, blood sausage, chorizo, and lobster cooked up in a Transylvanian grotto? Mind you, said grotto is actually a graystone Old Montreal heritage building. And it's not a grotto. It's Barroco, a ground floor upscale restaurant that plays with French and Spanish flavors to create a seasonal menu lifted up by seasonal truffles.

    Known for its cocktails (and fun, personable, even showy bartenders) as well as its well-executed dishes and top-notch service staff, Barroco's dimly-lit, castle-like ambiance oozes date night. An evening for two here can easily exceed $250 with wine and cocktails. There's a mild see-and-be-seen vibe too, so keep those duds smart.

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    Montreal's most romantic restaurants include La Colombe.
    ••• Photo courtesy of La Colombe

    For years since its 1989 opening, La Colombe was Montreal's best bring-your-own-wine restaurant. The competition has since wised up yet, but it is still in the top 3 for value, service, and quality, up there with Le P'tit Plateau.

    A small bistro on the Plateau, this small dining room serves fine French cuisine for a steal, like a rack of lamb served with blueberry sauce, black risotto and vegetables with an opener of cold zucchini soup, a house smoked salmon appetizer and a dessert with coffee or tea for $56. And that's the most expensive table d'hôte special of the bunch. Or splurge on one of the biggest pieces of seared foie gras you could hope to be served in this city for $24. 

    Quaint it is, the antithesis of see-and-be-seen with that down-to-earth neighborhood restaurant feel yet elegant and refined in presentation, you can dress up or dress down at La Colombe, it doesn't really matter. Consider this a prime date destination for those of you with expensive taste...MORE who are low on cash. Just make sure to reserve ahead of time since there are only two sittings per night, the place is tiny, and its fans are loyal.

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    Montreal's romantic restaurants include Les 400 Coups.
    ••• Photo courtesy of Les 400 Coups

    One of Montreal's best restaurants, easily in the top 30, Les 400 Coups is an Old Montreal star located ever-so-slightly off the tourist neighborhood's beaten cobblestone roads.

    Renowned for its creative, Quebec-centric haute cuisine, gorgeous interior design and styling ambiance, what arguably sets Les 400 Coups apart from its myriad contemporaries is, of all things, dessert. Les 400 Coups takes the final course seriously, even proposing a three-dessert tasting menu. You could technically skip the main meal altogether and come here for wine, a cheese platter, and dessert. Or try the five-course tasting menu at $75 per person. Tack on wine pairings starting at $45 per head. Either way, you're in good hands.

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    Montreal romantic restaurants: Auberge St. Gabriel.
    ••• Photo courtesy of Auberge St. Gabriel

    Auberge St. Gabriel is actually the oldest building in Montreal, erected back in 1688. It's also the oldest inn in North America. Its liquor license was granted in 1754. A lot of history in those walls, there is, a heritage building also rumored to be haunted by, among others, a little girl who perished in a fire some time in the 19th century. 

    Not that ghosts are especially romantic. But Auberge St. Gabriel has all the makings of a sensual if eccentric destination, from the entrance's giant whale spine to two stuffed headless moose smooshed together with a lightbulb in the center. There really is nowhere else in the city quite like this place, a juxtaposition of old and new, rustic and chic, old-school standard and off-the-wall whimsy.

    For the purposes of romance, make a beeline to the dining room or terrace in the summer for a meal combining French and Quebec market cuisine, everything from spit-roasted meats to elegant foie gras to a swiss fondue meal that comes with...MORE charcuterie. Anticipate spending in the upwards of $200 for two with wine.

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    Montreal's romantic restaurants include La Champagnerie.
    ••• And you thought La Champagnerie only did champagne? Above: tuna à la plancha presented paired with cauliflower and mint tabbouleh served Grenobloise style, which inherently involves browned butter, capers, lemon and herbs. Photo courtesy of La Champagnerie

    Because is champagne ever not romantic? And if you order the right bottle (ask), staff will hand over the house saber, offering you and yours a quick tutorial on how to whack open your bottle with a sword without wreaking havoc and off you go, sabering your own bubbly into drinkable submission.

    Not that La Champagnerie is a one-trick bubbly bar. Not only does the price range for the prized liquid cover the gamut, from $8 for a glass of cava and $45 for a bottle of Turkish bubbly to $2,000+ for a bottle of vintage Cristal, but the food is solid, tempting, a shareable mix of Asian, French, Italian, bistro and Quebec influences. Case in point? Try the high-end pho with scallops, shrimp, muscles, clams, octopus, tempura crab, lobster, and filet mignon.

    The venue also turns into a clubby vibe after midnight so if you wanted to stick around and dance, it's entirely feasible. Great spot for double or triple dates. Also works as a go-to for a girls or boys night out. Age range is wide,...MORE from twenties up to the high sixties depending on the time of day.

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    ••• Courtesy of LOV

    It's difficult enough as it is to find a vegan restaurant, let alone a great one with a gorgeous decor that goes beyond the scene's standard casual approach. LOV is that posh unicorn, a stunning Old Montreal find serving vegan and vegetarian fare in a zen setting. Sample the quinoa fritters, kimchi fries and buckwheat-sweet potato gnocchi topped with hemp-basil pesto. Score a terrace seat if you can.

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    Montreal's most romantic restaurants include Hôtel Herman.
    ••• Photo courtesy of Hôtel Herman

    One of the newer success stories in Montreal's glorious foodie scene, Hôtel Herman (not a hotel, by the way) feels young and invigorating, just the place for a vibrant couple delighted by new flavors and food pairings. Think venison tartare in a porcini emulsion, pork belly with rutabaga and brown butter, foie gras with buckwheat or celeriac paired with sea urchin. Good cocktails too.

    Portions are small so be prepared to order several dishes. Anticipate a bill hovering at or above $150 for two including wine or drinks. A table d'hôte restaurant, this is not. The menu is also subject to change fairly frequently so be open to anything. The joint is chatty and nightlifey, many patrons prefer the u-shaped bar over the tables, so if you're looking for a quiet, intimate evening, this isn't the place.

    But if you want to be in the thick of a bustling scene complemented by clever ingredient combinations and thoughtfully-plated gastronomy guaranteed to impress a date, consider...MORE yourself at home.