The Most Romantic Restaurants in Huntsville

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When it comes to Valentine's Day or another special occasion, not just any restaurant will do. You need to find an eatery with both an excellent food and drink menu in addition to a special romantic ambiance. Read on to learn about the most romantic restaurants in Huntsville. Don't forget to make reservations well ahead of time if you're planning to go on Valentine's Day! 

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The Melting Pot

340 The Bridge St #202, Huntsville, AL 35806, USA
Phone +1 256-327-8888

The Melting Pot, 340 The Bridge Street Town Centre, (256) 327-8888

The Melting Pot has a section they call "Lovers' Lane" and that's where they seat all their parties of two.  This gives you complete privacy--no one hurrying by with trays and dishes, no one wandering by looking for the restroom. 

Since this is a fondue restaurant, it is not only a unique dining experience, it turns into an interactive date. The booths are cozy, the atmosphere intimate, the food delicious. This is my first choice for romance.

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Cotton Row Restaurant

100 Southside Square, Huntsville, AL 35801-4225, USA
Phone +1 256-382-9500

Cotton Row Restaurant 100 South Side Square (256) 382-9500.

This little gem of a restaurant is in downtown Huntsville, right across from the Court House. It's an American bistro. The atmosphere is very comfortable and cozy. Attention is paid to every little detail. Everything is beautifully served with elegantly designed contemporary china. The white tablecloths and the lighted candles add to the elegance.

In warm weather, diners have a choice of eating inside or out on the patio. The restaurant still retains character and charm from the past, with its interior brick walls and historic wine cellar.

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1 Old Fairway Rd, Huntsville, AL 35806, USA
Phone +1 256-858-7815

Watercress restaurant has two locations: downtown Huntsville at 515 Fountain Row and in Bridge Street across from Monaco Pictures. Watercress is named after a historical fact about our area. New Market and Madison County were known as the "Watercress Capital of the World" in the 1940's.

The food at Watercress is fine dining with an affordable menu featuring Southern food with a French influence. Chef Adam DeWildt, formerly of Denver CO, has taken classical French cooking and Southern-style food and married them to create original, healthier and fresher recipes for Watercress.

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