Romantic, Quirky and Unusual Places to Propose in Los Angeles

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    Romantic Places to Propose Marriage in Los Angeles

    Marriage Proposal Banner at Baseball Game
    ••• Marriage Proposal Banner at Baseball Game. Ethan Miller / Getty Images

    Los Angeles is full of romance, from the natural resources of coastal and mountain views to the fantasy worlds of Hollywood and Disneyland. But when it's time to propose marriage to the one that you love, how do you pick the best location to create a truly memorable moment? There are certainly plenty of romantic restaurants to choose from if you're the conservative type, but for more creative suitors, the following pages present some romantic, quirky and unusual places to propose that will be sure to make an impression. If you use any of these ideas, pop me an email to tell me all about it or post a photo on my LA Travel Facebook page!

    Note: If you're not absolutely sure she'll say yes, you might not want to choose a public venue for your romantic gesture.

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    Propose on Horseback on the Beach or in the Mountains of Los Angeles

    A couple riding horses
    ••• Romantic Horseback Ride. PT Images / Getty Images

    Be sure your partner actually likes horses before planning a romantic horseback ride in the Santa Monica Mountains or Griffith Park to pop the question. Los Angeles Horseback Riding arranges proposal rides at sunset, sunrise or under the moonlight, with or without food. All rides are guided, so coordinate with your guide for the setting and space you need.
    Los Angeles Horseback Riding
    2623 Old Topanga Canyon Road
    Topanga, CA 90290
    Reservation Line (818) 591-2032

    You can also book a private sunset horseback ride in Griffith Park.

    More Horseback Riding Options in LA

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    Propose on a Gondola Ride

    Gondola Getaway
    ••• Gondola Tour around Naples Island in Long Beach. Photo © 2015 Kayte Deioma, licensed to

    You don't have to travel to Italy for this classic bit of romance. Gliding through the water in a graceful gondola with a gondolier singing Italian classics is a popular set up in the LA area for popping the big question. With 6 companies offering gondola cruises from Marina Del Rey to Newport Beach there are plenty of options. Present your ring in a special treasure box or propose via message in a bottle on one of these Romantic Gondola Tours.

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    Propose with a View of the Hollywood Sign

    View of the Hollywood Sign from Mt. Hollywood Trail
    ••• View of the Hollywood Sign from Mt. Hollywood Trail. Photo © 2007 Kayte Deioma, licensed to

    There's nothing that gives a sense of place in Los Angeles like the famous Hollywood Sign on Mt. Lee. If the highlight of your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Los Angeles is going to be a marriage proposal, and you want to impart that sense of place, there are several locations where you can propose with the Hollywood Sign as a backdrop for your magic moment. The romantic spot above is on a trail on Mt. Hollywood near the Griffith Observatory parking lot in Griffith Park.

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    In a Romantic Los Angeles Garden

    Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens
    ••• Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens. Photo © 2009 Kayte Deioma, licensed to

    The Los Angeles area has some amazingly beautiful and romantic gardens, from huge botanical gardens with multiple ecosystems to intimate Japanese meditation gardens. If your partner has a green thumb, or just an appreciation of natural beauty or manicured splendor, there is a garden to create the mood you desire.

    Guide to LA's Most Beautiful Gardens

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    On Top of the Ferris Wheel at Santa Monica Pier

    Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel
    ••• Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel. Photo © 2015 Kayte Deioma, licensed to

    For those with no fear of heights, the Ferris Wheel on the Santa Monica Pier is a popular spot to propose with a view of the coastline at sunset. A more recent alternative is the Giant Wheel at the Pike in Long Beach at twilight with a view of Shoreline Village, the Pike, the Rainbow Harbor Lighthouse and the Queen Mary.

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    In a Tea Cup on the Mad Hatter's Tea Party at Disneyland

    Mad Hatter's Tea Party at Disneyland, California
    ••• Mad Hatter's Tea Party at Disneyland, California. Photo © 2015 Kayte Deioma, licensed to

    Disneyland is a popular place to propose, as you can see by browsing YouTube videos on the subject. The spot in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle where the Disney photographers hang out is a popular location, but I think a tea cup at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party would be a nice semi-private spot to make her world spin. Hold on tight to the ring!

    Best Places to Kiss at Disneyland

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    Propose on a Helicopter Picnic or Sunset Air Tour of Los Angeles

    A waterfront picnic by helicopter with Orbic Air
    ••• A waterfront picnic by helicopter with Orbic Air. Orbic Air

    A sunset helicopter or small plane tour over the coast or landmark of your choice is actually a very popular place to pop the question in Los Angeles and there are a bunch of companies and options available to make that happen for you, from a relatively budget-friendly 20 or 30-minute flight to elaborately orchestrated and catered proposals on a mountain top or skyscraper.

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    Propose On the Ribbon Board at Dodger Stadium

    The Ribbon Board at Dodger Stadium
    ••• The Ribbon Board at Dodger Stadium. Stephen Dunn / Getty Images

    It's totally cliche by now, but still appropriate for couples who are big baseball fans to propose on the electronic ribbon board at Dodger Stadium. Ribbon boards are located behind first and third bases. An average of a dozen proposals are featured on the ribbon boards each year.

    More on Dodger Stadium

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    Proposing in a Romantic Los Angeles Restaurant with a View

    Malibu Beach Inn, Malibu, CA
    ••• Malibu Beach Inn, Malibu, CA. Photo © 2015 Kayte Deioma, licensed to

    For foodies, a sensuous meal of aphrodisiacs by candlelight is the perfect setting for a romantic proposal. Los Angeles has plenty of amazing food, but for the added fantasy of a stunning view, choose one of these Romantic Restaurants with a View.

    Share your romantic LA proposal photos on my LA Travel Facebook page!