Best Romantic Places to Propose in the United Kingdom

Setting The Right Scene Could Get You the Answer You Want

London Eye, South Bank, London, England
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Do you need to find a place to propose in the UK?

You've come away on a romantic vacation together and the time seems ripe for a marriage proposal. But maybe the restaurant in your budget hotel just isn't the right place to ask the most important question of your life. Or maybe you're home here the in the UK but the flat you share with three others or your parents' sitting room just doesn't seem quite intimate enough.

No problem. There are more than enough romantic settings around the UK to add the hearts and flowers ambiance to your romantic suit. And while some are grand gestures with grand price tags to match, some of the most romantic of all won't cost you a penny.

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    At A Table for Two... a really romantic restaurant. In 2016, Clos Maggiore near London's Covent Garden once again added the accolade of the Harden's UK Restaurant Survey as London's most romantic restaurant to its collection of other romantic awards. Architectural Digest went even further, naming it The Most Romantic Restaurant in the World in 2016. 

    Some others that rank high in the romantic stakes include:

    • The Witchery by the Castle in Edinburgh, which also has theatrically Gothick rooms to retire to after dinner.
    • Raymond Blanc's Manoir aux Quat' Saisons, near Oxford (also with rooms and beautiful grounds)
    • The Waterside Inn in Bray, where you can enjoy river views or pop the question over champagne and aperitifs on the restaurant's sweet little river boat (inquire in advance about prices and availability).
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    From the Top of the World

    There is something shiveringly, quiveringly romantic about looking down on the whole world together from a very high place. But despite the Sleepless in Seattle romantic image of places like the top of the Empire State Building, most very high viewing spots, like London's Shard  or Portsmouth's Spinnaker Tower are likely to be crowded with other people, jostling for a view and poking their cameras over your shoulder.

    For a really special experience, you could hire a capsule on the London Eye for just the two of you...almost. You do also have to share with a host who pours your champagne. But each capsule is actually big enough for twenty people so the host is  no doubt practiced in keeping a discreet distance. The experience is called Cupid's Capsule and includes posh champagne, chocolates and a rose. In 2017, the private capsule cost £380.

    If your budget doesn't stretch that far, try a ride on the Emirates Air-Line, London's cable car across the Thames from Greenwich Peninsula to the Royal Docks. Go in the evening and you'll enjoy a 10 minute ride, 300 feet above the Thames. During the day you'll only have about five minutes to  pop the question. You will probably have to share the moment because each car holds 8 passengers. But, on the day I went, I shared mine with only one other person. If you go at a slow time of day and hang around for the right moment, you should be able to grab a car just for the two of you.

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    On a Magical Palladian Bridge

    Palladian Bridges, very fashionable garden embellishments of the 18th century, were always designed for romantic trysts - as places to find shelter from prying eyes. 

    There are only four of these lovely, romantic bridges left in the world and three of them are in England (the fourth is in St. Petersburg, Russia). If you can wait for warmer weather, you can pop the question after April 14 on the Palladian Bridge at Wilton House, the Wiltshire home of the Earls of Pembroke since 1540.  But if you want to make the most of Valentine's day, head for the beautiful Palladian Bridges at either Prior Park near Bath, pictured here, or Stowe Landscape Garden in Buckinghamshire. Both are owned by the National Trust and the gardens are opened to visitors year round.

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    By A Beautiful Lake

    The Lake District inspired the Romantic poets of the 19th century. Just think of Wordsworth's field of nodding daffodils. He made his home at Dove Cottage in the English Lakes.

    Looking for modern inspiration, you  could emulate Bill Clinton. He proposed to Hillary beside Ennerdale Water, the westernmost lake in the Lake District. But, if you are thinking of the Clintons, be prepared for a maybe instead of a yes. According to Bill, she turned him down. According to Hillary, she said, "Not yet."

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    All sorts of things have been said about Shakespeare's marriage to older woman, Anne Hathaway, possibly in a shotgun wedding. Nevertheless, they were married for 34 years, she bore him three children - two of whom survived into adulthood, he returned to her in Stratford-upon-Avon when he retired from the theatre and when she died, seven years after Shakespeare, she was buried beside him.

    Her thatched cottage just outside Stratford-upon-Avon, where she was born and raised, is undoubtedly one of the most romantic settings in England. The house itself is bound to be crowded with other visitors. But it is surrounded by a lovely cottage garden. The little benches overlooking the cottage are perfectly placed for a proposal of marriage.

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    Bluebells carpeting a forest floor are a particularly British sight - especially in England and Wales as there are no natural bluebells in Scotland. Fifty percent of the world's bluebells are in the UK.

    The symbolism of the bluebell is apt for a marriage proposal. The flower stands for constancy and may be the origin of the "something blue" traditionally worn by brides. Bluebells across a forest floor are also a sign of an ancient woodland.

    Propose in May when the bluebells are at their best at these National Trust sites:

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    And If You've Already Proposed...