Romantic Movies That Have Nothing to Do with Romcoms

Romantic Movies to Watch on Valentine's Day

I hate romantic comedies. You hate romantic comedies. But it's V-Day after all. And you wouldn't mind a little dose of romance, maybe a touch of Satan, chocolate, David Bowie, violin action, Cinderella... perhaps a German goddess kicking ass in multiple realities?

All of these flicks are suitable to watch solo or on Valentine's Day with a sweetheart who also yearns for something more cult classic than the usual romcom or top shelf Hollywood drama. Chosen by yours truly, these seven critically acclaimed films have nothing in common with each other except that they all, in one way or another, explore the concept of love, be it mild crush or deep yearning, budding love or weathered union, selfish obsession... or selfless sacrifice.

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    Action-Packed Romance: 'Run Lola Run'

    Girl loves boy. Boy gets into trouble. Girl has 20 minutes to find 100,000 Deutsche Mark to save boy's life.

    Clip of Run Lola Run

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    Tragic Romance: 'The Red Violin'

    The compelling story of an acoustically perfect violin and its impact on everyone who touches it as told through vignettes.

    Clip of The Red Violin

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    Fantastical Romance: 'Legend'

    Tom Cruise attempts to save the day in a crouched position after lady love Lily unwittingly upsets the balance of good and evil. Quick note: Legend has it more than a few fans find Tim Curry's Lord of Darkness oddly alluring.

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    Fairytale Romance: 'Ever After'

    Drew Barrymore works her magic in Ever After, my favorite silver screen (and the potentially least nauseating) interpretation of my (also) favorite fairytale, Cinderella.

    Clip of Ever After

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    Magical Romance: 'Chocolat'

    Maligned, appreciated, and secretly revered by some, a chocolatier changes the lives of an entire village, one bite at a time.

    Clip of Chocolat

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    Eccentrically Bashful Romance: 'Amelie'

    The adorable story of an introverted and angelic young woman intent on spreading happiness to the lives of coworkers, patrons, even complete strangers never gets old.

    Clip of The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain

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    Naughty Romance: 'The Hunger'

    Vampires, mild nudity, David Bowie... what more do you need? This cult classic is the ultimate sensual prelude.

    Clip of The Hunger

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