Romantic March Wedding Anniversary Getaway

Take a Trip to Celebrate Your March Anniversary

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••• Bellagio's dancing waters put on a spectacular show on the Las Vegas Strip. Getty Images.

If you walked down the aisle in March, you're probably looking for ideas on how to celebrate your wedding anniversary that month. The best way I know is to plan a trip. Whether your budget can take you near or on a faraway getaway, here's where I suggest you go (and where you should avoid) on your travels.

A Couple of Caveats

March celebrations can post a challenge.

Starting mid-March and stretching into mid-April, it's spring break. Families, plus high school and college students out for a wild time, can put a damper on romance. Make sure you know what places to avoid during spring break before you make anniversary travel plans. And that's not all. In some parts of the country, particularly the Northeast, March is known as "mud season." It's rainy and cold, so unless you cocoon in a romantic country inn, you may want to steer clear of those parts until late spring.

A Place in the Sun

By March, most couples have had their fill of winter, and what they want most is a warm place to swim, sun, and unwind. A big bed with soft sheets, staff that's truly committed to service, and delicious food adds to the pleasure. Consider these destinations if you're intent on having a hot time:

  • Arizona - sweltering much of the year, Arizona is comfortable in March and there's plenty of sun
  • Florida - if you've already been to one part of this state consider exploring another together, such as tony Naples on the Gulf Coast or the Keys south of Miami
  • Caribbean - turquoise waters and exceptional resorts await
  • Central America - Belize and Costa Rica are particularly popular with honeymooners... perhaps you should take your second one here
  • Mexico - what's your pleasure: beach? culture? history? Coast to coast, there's a place for you
  • Australia - it's the beginning of fall Down Under. Will this be the year you finally get to experience the magic of the Great Barrier Reef?

A Good Bet

Even if throwing $5 into a slot machine would be a big investment for the two of you, I still recommend you consider spending your March anniversary at a casino-hotel. No one will force you to spend time in the casino. These properties tend to surround themselves with excellent restaurants, offer professional entertainment, and charge low rates in comparison to what they offer. Consider these places that feature legalized gambling on your anniversary getaway:

  • Las Vegas - try your luck; the weather is great!
  • Puerto Rico - don't have passports? No worries; they're not required from U.S. citizens
  • Aruba - hot sun and lots of beach await
  • Montreal - if you can't get to France, drink in the Gallic atmosphere here

Spring Skiing

If you've never skied wearing a T-shirt and shorts but the idea appeals, March is the month to go for it. The freezing winds of winter are just a memory, but the snow's still deep and challenging in these places:

  • Heavenly Valley, Nevada - a challenge for the best skiers
  • Park City, Utah - a great mountain town with exceptional resorts
  • Whiteface, Lake Placid, NY - take the challenge and whoosh down the bobsled track that once challenged Olympians

And Now for Somewhere Completely Different...

Travel someplace where no one you know has been yet: Cuba. As relations between the United States and this country some 228 miles off the southeastern coast of Florida normalize, tourism has increased and more airlines are offering direct flights to nearly a dozen Cuban cities. Previously couples could only visit Cuba with a religious, educational or cultural group. Now it's becoming easier to book your own flight and stay at an all-inclusive resort on the beach. Be forewarned, though, that the ones in Cuba don't yet match the hospitality, luxury, food, and service of all-inclusives in the Caribbean.

But if you're curious and open to adventure, you can see this country now before it becomes homogenized.

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