Romantic Gondola Ride In Las Vegas at the Venetian Hotel

Transport yourself to Italy with a gondola ride in Las Vegas

Tourists ride in a gondola inside the Venetian luxury hotel, casino and shopping complex on the Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada

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If you embrace the romanticism behind the singing gondoliers on the Gondolas at the Venetian in Las Vegas you will have a good time. If you focus on the sound and the person you are experiencing it with, you’ll take it in for what it is worth. You are not in Italy, you are in Las Vegas and that is what is part of the fun. You may be floating along a man-made Italian Village that doubles as a mall or outside under a bright blue southern Nevada sky but take in the moment and you’ll forget that you have wanted to go and experience this in Italy.

(well…maybe not, but this is much more affordable)

The best time to ride the Gondolas is right around dusk if choose to go outside. The light is right for great photographs and if you set the shot up just right your Las Vegas gondola ride will appear to be a gondola ride in some foreign city and make your Christmas card shine.

The indoor Gondola ride feels like it last longer and the scenery is of cafes and shoppers along the Grand Canal Shoppes. Outdoors you float under a bridge and take a quick tour along the front of the resort.

Description of the Gondola Ride at Venetian Las Vegas

Get a romantic ride through the streets of a mall. Exciting! Actually, it can be a lot of fun and so Las Vegas. The gondola glides past cafes and sidewalks and it is a good place to tell that special someone stories about how one day you will take them to Venice.

At times it feels a little goofy to have this UNLV student singing to you but they do a good job. The gondolas make their way through the Grand Canal Shoppes as people line the canals and take pictures of you for no apparent reason. It can be very romantic though, so if you decide to try it, just imagine yourself under an Italian sky floating through hundreds of years of history.

All kidding aside you will see people smiling, cuddling and completely immersed in the experience. The lines can be long to go on a ride so plan accordingly.


In front of the Venetian Las Vegas Hotel and inside the Grand Canal Shoppes

Venetian Las Vegas
3377 Las Vegas Blvd, S.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Gondola Ride Prices

Adults: $19.95 (Gondola Seats Four), $79.80 (Private Two-Passenger Gondola)

Photo Package: Starting at $22.00

See pictures of the gondola ride at the Venetian Hotel

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