Romantic Getaways in the Pacific Northwest

Lake Quinault Lodge
••• Lake Quinault Lodge. © Angela M. Brown (2007)

The Pacific Northwest is filled with great places to take your sweetheart for a special romantic weekend. Whether you're celebrating your anniversary or a new relationship, you'll find many wonderful locations to spend quality time focusing on one another.

What are the ingredients of a Northwest romantic getaway?

What exactly makes a getaway place romantic? There are many options, but they all have a few things in common - accommodations that are cozy, dining options that are intimate, and activity options that include walking and talking.

When selecting locations to recommend as romantic getaway spots, I focused on these main ingredients.

Cozy Accommodations
Amenities like fireplaces, large tubs, and balcony views can make spending time together that much more special. The location may be a contributing factor. A simple cabin in the woods or a condo overlooking the Oregon Coast may be modest in amenities, but the warm and intimate ambiance creates a romantic setting.

Intimate Dining Options
Your food and drink options don't need to be expensive, but there must be "atmosphere". A well chosen picnic spot with a couple of take-out sandwiches can be as romantic as a pricey waterfront bistro. Fortunately, the Pacific Northwest is rich in options.

Places to Walk
Strolling on the beach, window shopping in a historic downtown, or hiking through a wildflower-filled meadow are all great ways to spend time talking and laughing with your sweetheart.

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