Traditional Romanian Folk Costumes

Folk women in Timisoara, Romania
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Romanian Folk clothing is reserved for special occasions, holidays and folk dances and music. The style of dress is different for the various historical regions.

A white shirt or blouse made from linen or wool is the basic garment for both men and women in Romania. Traditionally, men wear white pants, the white shirt, a hat, belt and overcoat. Women also wear a blouse similar to the men's shirts but longer. Skirts are woven with a pattern and often have embroidery and often are topped with a black vest. Women wear scarves or head coverings.

The Romanian boys in this photo wear long white pants, white shirts, and long black vests. Their hats are black and conical. The girls wear white shirts with red embroidered embellishments, black vests with red trim, and striped red-and-black skirts. Their hair is pulled back under scarves decorated with flowers.

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Men's and Women's Folk Dress

Romanian Folk Dancers
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The woman in this photo wears a wrap skirt over an embroidered white petticoat with an embroidered blouse and a scarf on her head. The men wear white pants tucked into their boots with tunics that are cinched with sashes and decorated with embroidery. The man on the right wears the traditional conical woolen cap that is common in many Romanian folk costumes.

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Girls National Folk Dress Romania

Girls National Romanian Folk Dress
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Notice the thickly embroidered headbands these girls are wearing as a part of their Romanian traditional costumes. The headbands are festooned with ribbons and flowers. Their blouses are edged with eyelet lace, and their heavy vests are adorned with the same tassels as those on the male Romanian costumes.

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Female Romanian Costume

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The main feature of these women's Romanian folk costumes is the black vests with brightly colored trimmings that stand out against their white blouses which are gathered and embellished with embroidery. Skirts can be multi-layered and also embellished. Most are wrap skirts providing multiple layers of warmth over a petticoat.

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Men's Romanian Folk Dress

Men's Romanian Costume
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Men's and women's traditional dress has regional variation in Romania. These young men wear all-white costumes with embroidered vests and black hats and boots. The young men's pants are close fitting, and their tops are tunic-style shirts with bloused sleeves. Hats are more close to the head in comparison with the high conical hats that men in other regions wear. 

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Male Romanian Dress

Male Romanian Dress
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These young men wear all-white costumes trimmed with red, green, and blue embroidery. Their heavy vests are decorated with tassels, and their shirts are cinched with woven sashes. Their straw hats also sport embroidered decoration. Their lightweight pants are loose-fitting in comparison with the tighter pants fitting into boots in other areas of Romania.

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Romanian Dress from Bucovina

Romanian Costumes from Bucovina

The region of origin of the traditional costume determines its details. These ladies from the Romanian region of Bucovina wear heavy vests which can be trimmed in fur and straight wrap skirts with red trim. This photo also illustrates the practical nature of some traditional clothing. Woolen or fur-trimmed vests and multi-layered wrap skirts help keep out the cold, a serious consideration in some parts of Europe.

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