Robin Raven

Robin Raven
 Robin Raven

Robin Raven is an author and travel journalist. She is passionate about travel, vegan food, cruelty-free spa experiences, animal rights, reading, self-care, and writing in her journal, in no particular order. She is content to travel all year long, and she is always looking for a new place to find an exciting story.


Robin has contributed articles to The Washington Post,,, Reader’s Digest, Paste Magazine, USA Today 10 Best, Grok Nation, HelloGiggles, The Huffington Post, Chowhound, VegNews Magazine, and more. She loves freelancing because it empowers her to travel the world and work from anywhere. 



Originally from Mobile, Alabama, Robin moved to New York City for college. She majored in writing and filmmaking. After earning her BFA, she went on to spend a few years as an actress in Los Angeles. Since she first saw Little House on the Prairie as a toddler, Robin has been fascinated with the art of storytelling, and she wrote her first novel at the age of seven. She still enjoys writing fiction, although her love of journalism keeps her very busy.

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