Robert Schrader

  • Robert has traveled to nearly 100 countries over the past decade, surveying all the weird, amazing and wonderful things each has to offer along the way. 
  • Robert is the creator of the award-winning travel blog Leave Your Daily Hell and boasts several dozen digital and print bylines as well, most notably Business Insider, CNN Travel, The Huffington Post and the inflight magazines of Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways.
  • Robert has been based in Bangkok since early 2017, and while he travels globally from the Thai capital, has a special affinity for Asia. In May 2018 he launched Japan Starts Here, a comprehensive resource dedicated to the Land of the Rising Sun.


It was early 2014 when Robert began contributing to TripSavvy, which was then known as He was actually in the midst of his first trip to Japan when he came on as the "Weird & Amazing Travel" guide. This was fitting, since Japan is the epicenter of the weirdest and most amazing things on the planet.

Five years earlier, during a brief stint teaching English in Shanghai, he'd launched Leave Your Daily Hell. Though it had originally been a means of communicating with his family and friends from behind China's "Great Firewall," the blog quickly grew in popularity, having reached around 100,000 unique visitors per month by the time Robert became part of the TripSavvy family.

In order to build his blog's content and his own credibility as a travel expert, Robert has spent more than half his time on the road during the past decade. He's visited all six of the world's inhabited continents, and destinations as wild as Ethiopia, Iran, and Mongolia, in addition to more mainstream bucket-list spots around the globe. 

Though Robert's primary focus has been monetizing his websites (since May 2018 he has operated Japan Starts Here, a Japan-focused complement to Leave Your Daily Hell), he has also contributed to a wide range of publications in order to increase his notoriety. 

Early in his career he was a regular contributor to mainstream outlets such as CNN Travel (which was known as CNNGo at the time) and The Huffington Post, while recent years have seen him explore more specialized media, including a slew of in-flight magazines for top airlines and boutique publications throughout Asia, such as Singapore's luxury-focused World Travel Magazine.

Robert has visited most of the major destinations on his bucket list, but some places remain, most notably Antarctica. He also hopes to embark on a more extensive trip of Africa, which he considers the most fascinating yet impenetrable place on Earth.


Robert earned a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Tampa in 2006, but considers this a technicality. He came out of the womb articulate (and humble). Robert is conversationally fluent in French, Spanish and Thai, and has studied Chinese, German and Japanese as well.

Awards and Publications

  • Robert is the creator of the travel blog Leave Your Daily Hell, which in 2015 was ranked #10 in the world according to visitor numbers from Google Analytics.
  • Robert launched Japan Starts Here in May 2018 as a resource to inform—and inspire—any trip to Japan.


Robert Schrader

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