Robert Macias

For more than 20 years, Robert Macias has written about Austin for print publications, websites and, most recently, smartphone apps.


Robert first fell in love with Austin while attending the University of Texas at Austin, where he received a degree in English literature (journalism minor). After college, he moved back to his hometown of Houston to work at Houston Metropolitan Magazine. He returned to Austin just in time for the dot-com boom. As Editor-in-Chief of the Austin Citysearch site, he helped build the city's first online entertainment guide from the ground up. From 2004 to 2009, Robert was the Editorial Director of Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine. The job helped him get in touch with his inner nature nerd and develop a greater appreciation for Austin's abundant outdoor recreation options. Since 2009, he has worked as a freelance writer and editor. For his first forays into the mobile realm, he wrote all of the Austin listings for GuidePal, a smartphone-based travel guide, and contributed Austin content for Desti, a travel app for the iPad.

Robert Macias

While some longtime Austinites express concern about the dizzying pace of change in our once-sleepy town, I see the city's evolution as an endless supply of fresh story ideas. There's always a new restaurant popping up, a new issue to debate, a new band to hear and interesting new people around every corner. I hope you'll check in often, and share your insights, as I explore Austin's nooks and crannies and write about my discoveries.

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