Risque at Paris Las Vegas (Closed)

Paris Las Vegas on the Strip
••• Under The Stars at Paris Las Vegas on the Strip. Zeke Quezada

This nightclub is closed. In its place is Chateau Nightclub and Rooftop Bar.


The Bottom Line

Risque is an decent place to have a good time but it can get crowded and limiting. It is smaller than other hip Las Vegas clubs, but worth a quick visit. It is your usual loud music and bad lighting place.


  • Two separate rooms to dance
  • Lounges and couches
  • Good looking people


  • Pretentious doormen
  • Expensive drinks
  • Crowded


  • They boast about the private balconies overlooking the strip, those things are tiny
  • I paid $11, $9 and $8 for the same drink. How that is possible is beyond me.
  • Angel with an a, Angela is the nicest server I have ever come in contact with in a pretentious bar.
  • The pastries seemed to be a different touch, they don't go well with whiskey though.
  • Lounges and couches are available if you want to spend $250 for a $9 dollar bottle
  • The dance floor is small, so you can inadvertently bump into the cute girls.

Guide Review - Risque at Paris Las Vegas

This is a fun club but the title of ultra lounge seems far fetched. You can lounge here but it will cost you about three bills. It is chic as they say, it can be but the guys at the door take themselves way too serious. I'm not sure I would have waited in the long line to get in, but since I was on the list I made my way in very quickly. The drinks are expensive but not much of a difference from other hip Las Vegas clubs.

Find a good waitress and she should keep you happy. The place is somewhat quaint and could possibly tone down the exclusivity. Let a few people mingle on the balconies that overlook the strip, keep a few couches free for the poor folk. Perhaps, that's the idea, keeping it chic.