Ride a Camel in Los Cabos

Cabo Adventures Outback and Camel Safari

Riding camels in Los Cabos
Riding camels in Los Cabos.

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There are many fun and interesting things to do in Los Cabos. One activity that you probably wouldn't expect to be able to do here is to ride a camel. You might expect that you would need to cross the ocean to ride a camel, but Cabo Adventures, a tour company operating out of Los Cabos, offers this activity. Besides being unexpected, the Outback and Camel Safari excursion is a fun and interesting way to spend the day. See more day trips in Los Cabos

Where the Sahara Meets Mexico

The day starts with a check in at the Cabo Dolphins' Center at the Marina in Cabo San Lucas, and from there, passengers board a bus for a 15 km ride to Rancho San Cristobal, a 500-acre property which is also serves as the headquarters of ASUPMATOMA, the Association for the Protection of the Environment and the Sea Turtle in Southern Baja. This is where the Outback Adventure takes place. After getting off the bus, the large group is split into smaller groups, and participants climb aboard Unimogs, all terrain vehicles that can handle the sandy and uneven desert terrain. In the back, the Unimogs have two benches facing each other. Mexican ponchos are available on the benches, and offer protection from the sun and breeze should you choose to wrap up in them. The Unimogs' destination is a spot by the beach where the camel ride begins.

Cabo Camels' Origins

Here, meet Sidi Amar, a Tuareg from Northern Africa, who has been in Los Cabos for several years working as the Cabo Adventures camel handler. He explains that the camels were brought to Los Cabos from Texas; and are descendants of the Camel Corps, an experiment of the U.S. Army during the Civil War in using camels as pack animals in the Southwest United States. He talks about the camels, explaining that they are well-suited for the desert of Baja California Sur, which is at the same latitude as the Sahara desert and shares a similar climate. He answers visitor questions about the camels and his personal story.

Riding the Cabo Camels

The guides pass out helmets equipped with a cloth wrapped to look like a turban to shield you from the sun, and explain that participants should leave any phones, cameras and other belongings in a safe box there, because you'll need two hands to hold on when riding the camel. Climb a wooden platform to mount the camel. Riders go in tandem, two to a camel. The ride is short, but considering that the gait of the camels makes for a a rather bumpy ride, a longer ride might be uncomfortable for some. A photographer from the tour company takes your photo astride the camels and the desert sands and the ocean as backdrop make for some great souvenirs.

Following the camel ride, enjoy a nature walk while your guide gives a short talk about the flora and fauna of the area, and you'll learn about some of the local medicinal plants. After the nature walk, hop back on board the Unimog again and you're transported to an outdoor covered area where you'll enjoy a traditional Mexican meal consisting of rice, beans, mole, cactus salad, and some freshly made tortillas right off the comal. You'll also have the opportunity to sample some tequila and mezcal, with an explanation from your guide about these Mexican drinks.

The Outback and Camel Safari

This excursion includes transportation from the Cabo Adventures office in Cabo San Lucas, a nature walk in the desert, a short camel ride, a Mexican lunch, and tequila tasting. The excursion is suitable for children five and up. Wear comfortable clothes and and closed shoes, and be sure to apply some sunscreen beforehand. The use of cameras is not permitted during the camel ride, but a professional photographer takes photos which are available for purchase. If you're lucky, you might get a photo of a kiss with a camel.

Contact Cabo Expeditions

Cabo Adventures has an office at the Cabo San Lucas marina, Bldv. Paseo de la Marina (esquina Malecon) Lote 7, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur. The office is open daily from 7 am to 4 pm.

Phone: US & Canada toll free 1-888-526-2238, in Mexico 52-624-173-9500
Website: Cabo Adventures
E-mail: info@cabo-adventures.com
Skype: Vallarta&CaboAdventures

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