Rhode Island's Best Italian Food

Explore Italian Flavors in Federal Hill

Venda Ravioli market

I, Infrogmation/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 2.5

Providence is truly a global city, where old Yankee traditions meet the influences of many different cuisines. Federal Hill is Providence's "Little Italy", and here you can find excellent Italian foods of all kinds. The heart of the neighborhood is DePasquale Square, which is itself home to several cafes and restaurants, including Caffe Dolce Vita (59 DePasquale Square). An outrageous dessert here is the enormous Coppa Syneth, which is gelato with crushed cannoli shells, cannoli filling, chocolate chips and chocolate sauce.

Markets and Restaurants

Also on DePasquale Square is Antonelli's Poultry. It's the place for fresh chickens, and you know this because you pick the chickens out from the coops in the back yourself. Let's just say, there are painted chicken feet leading to the shop, but none leading back out again. A more diversified (and terrific) market is Venda Ravioli (265 Atwells Avenue) an Italian grocery store with fresh pasta, olives, cheese, and everything Italian you can think of, as well as prepared foods to eat in or out.

When you're looking for a meal to eat in, a couple of restaurants stand out. There's the sophisticated Siena, at 238 Atwells Avenue, specializing in Tuscan cuisine.

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