Restaurants on the San Antonio Riverwalk

The San Antonio Riverwalk is one of Texas' most popular tourist attraction. In addition to breathtaking views and excellent shopping, the Riverwalk is home to some of San Antonio's finest restaurants.

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Biga's on the Bank

Biga's on the Bank

Opened in 1991, San Antonio's Biga's on the Bank is one of the most popular dining options on the Riverwalk, featuring a menu of eclectic contemporary American cuisine. Like the city of San Antonio, Biga's menu is a mix of some of the very best that Texas has to offer. 

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Las Canarias Restaurant

Las Canarias Restaurant is built on three levels, each overlooking the San Antonio River and Riverwalk. Famous for their champagne brunch, Las Canarias also serves lunch and dinner. As an added bonus, Las Canarias is part of one of the Riverwalk's premier hotels - La Mansion Del Rio. 

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La Margarita's

Long considered San Antonio's best Mexican food restaurant, La Margarita's is located in the city's famous Riverwalk district. In addition to serving liberal volumes on their namesake drink, La Margarita's is also roundly recognized as the first American restaurant to serve fajitas.

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Boudro's Bistro

Located right on San Antonio's Riverwalk, Boudro's claim to be a "Texas Bistro" is backed by a menu offering unique entrees such as smoked shrimp enchiladas and blackened prime rib. So, San Antonio area diners should consider Boudro's Texas food, bistro-style. 

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The Republic of Texas Restaurant

The Republic of Texas Restaurant has just the kind of food people envision Texans eating - big burgers, juicy steaks, fajitas and more. Given the fact it is located right along the Riverwalk, one of Texas' most popular attractions, makes the Republic of Texas Restaurant a must-stop for visitors to the Lone Star State. 

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Mi Tierra Cafe

 Opened as a three table cafe in 1941, Mi Tierra Cafe has been a landmark restaurant on the San Antonio Riverwalk ever since. Known for being colorfully adorned in Christmas lights throughout the year and for their excellent Mexican cuisine, Mi Tierra Cafe is a favorite stop for Riverwalk diners.