Restaurants in Austin's Clarksville Neighborhood

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The boundaries of the Clarksville neighborhood are roughly MoPac (west), Lamar Boulevard (east), West 15th Street (north), and West 6th Street (south). Originally founded by freed slaves in the late 1800s, Clarksville is now a thriving residential area with restaurants and other small businesses along its borders.

Josephine House

Located in a charming little cottage, Josephine House has a new menu every day, based on what’s available from mostly local providers. For brunch, popular dishes include the crab cake and eggs and lemon ricotta pancakes. Monday is Steak Frites night, which is based on a fixed-price menu with several steak-and-fries options. If you have room for dessert, try the chocolate almond babka. 1601 Waterston; (512) 477-5584

Nau’s Enfield Drug

An old-timey drugstore with a little diner in the back, Nau’s has a loyal following among Clarksville residents. The burgers and sandwiches are fairly basic, but the sense of nostalgia is hard to beat. Plus, where else can you get an ice cream soda these days? It’s also a great place to buy kitschy, inexpensive gifts for kids. 1115 West Lynn Street; (512) 476-1221


A good choice for a quiet date night, Jeffrey’s serves up masterful little delicacies like truffled deviled eggs and oven-roasted blue crab claws. For chicken with a French twist, order the Dewberry Farms chicken with chanterelle mushrooms. All of the steaks are dry-aged and roasted over live oak. For dessert, don’t miss the Chocolate Intemperance Cake, a flourless cake with passion fruit ice cream and chocolate mousse. 1204 West Lynn Street; (512) 477-5584


As wrong as it sounds, kale pizza continues to be among the most popular of the restaurant’s wood-fired pies. The arugula pesto and mozzarella may be the saving graces for the kale pizza. For those who love Italian food but can’t eat gluten, Cipollina offers a house-made gluten-free pasta. Other standout dishes include the goat ravioli, the Caprese salad and the spinach gnocchi Alfredo. Try the tiramisu for dessert. 1213 West Lynn Street; (512) 477-5211

Galaxy Cafe

Part of a trendy local chain, Galaxy Cafe is a casual neighborhood gathering place where you order at the counter. Vegetarians say the veggie burger earns high praise. It’s topped with sliced avocado and tasty pesto mayonnaise. There’s also an extensive gluten-free menu featuring sandwiches, burgers, salads and breakfast dishes. For carnivores who like a little spice, the Zocalo burger is served with jalapenos, and the meat is infused with red pepper. 1000 West Lynn Street; (512) 478-3434

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