Restaurants For Groups and Parties in Little Rock

If you're traveling and unfamiliar with a city, it can be difficult to find a good restaurant that can accommodate a bigger group. If you're visiting the Little Rock, Arkansas area or are a local that needs a venue idea for a party or gathering, you can't go wrong with any of these eateries.

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Cajun's Wharf

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Cajun's has a special section for groups, and they also cater as well. Their emphasis is on seafood, so if the majority of your group prefers a land-based meal, this isn't the spot. They do offer one of the best river views in the city. If you go on a weekend, expect service to be slow because Cajun's is also a popular local hangout and is normally packed.

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Loca Luna

Loca Luna describes itself as a bistro. For groups, you can get their delicious cheese dip, pizzas, specialty menu items or plated lunches. Prices are as low as $16/person. Their banquet room holds 50 to 75 people.

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Doe's Eat Place

Doe's is a steakhouse and BBQ joint. It's a fun, casual restaurant and though it's not "high class" in decor, food-wise it lives up to the hype; they have some of the best steaks and fries in town. They also have a party room for bigger groups.

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Shorty Smalls

Shorty Smalls is reasonably priced and fun. They have rooms that fit up to 60 people or they will cater off-site. They are a bar/grill with typical items like burgers, BBQ, and various fried items. They have a large menu so everyone is sure to find something they like.

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Brave New Restaurant

This is an expensive option that is perfect for a special occasion; it's best reserved for those groups who would like to dine in what some call the best restaurant in Little Rock. Brave New Restaurant does feature seafood but they also have many other creative options on the menu. 

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Murry's Dinner Playhouse

Murry's has a buffet and a show. They give discounts to parties of 20 or more. While your guests probably won't have a lot of chatting time at Murry's, it is fun and a refreshing change of pace from your typical group gathering. Maximum capacity is listed as 35 people. 

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The Loony Bin

The Loony Bin is a comedy club and not a restaurant. It does have a limited menu with typical bar food and an extensive bar, and it's probably not the best choice for Christmas dinner or a business meeting. However, for a bachelor or bachelorette party, it would be a solid choice. 

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