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Directory of Restaurant Week Cities

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IN cities across the USA and in Canada, Restaurant Week has proven to be a popular event with both the public and restaurant owners. In every city where a Restaurant Week takes place (scroll down for list of cities), participating restaurants offer prix-fixe lunch and dinner menus that consist of three courses (appetizer, entree, dessert).

The best thing about Restaurant Week is that couples get to experience the finest (and often the most romantic) restaurants in cities for less than regular à la carte prices. It's also an opportunity to try ethnic foods that you may not be familiar with. While most of the receipts from Restaurant Week go to an eatery's bottom line, some donate profits to a local charity.

When is Restaurant Week?

In many cities, Restaurant Week is scheduled for a time when business is slow, such as during the doldrums of January or the steamy heat of mid-summer. Some couples plan to eat out every night during Restaurant Week, saving hundreds of dollars (although not hundreds of calories). Since Restaurant Week is so affordable, make reservations early. Thanks to its popularity, Restaurant Week now takes place more than once a year in some destinations.

To eat like a gourmet on a cheapskate's budget, plan now to participate in Restaurant Week in your nearest city - or schedule your next trip to a location during it's culinary celebration.

Directory of Cities with Major Restaurant Week Events

Click on any link in the directory below for specific information on the dates of restaurant week in that city and the names of participating restaurants.

Restaurant Weeks in Canada


Restaurant Weeks in Europe

Note that in many cities Restaurant Week meals can be reserved online. Some cities offer Restaurant Week gift certificates; before taking advantage of these, do check the small print for the expiration date.

If the restaurant you want to go to gets booked up for dinner during Restaurant Week, see if it serves lunch. Many participating restaurants do, and at prices lower than the dinner menu.

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