New York's Top Chefs Will Cook You a Private Dinner, Thanks to This New Company

This COVID-safe supper club offers truly spectacular meals

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When my husband and I had a five-course dinner with friends on a recent Friday night, it felt like a normal evening out at a restaurant before the pandemic—delicious food, lots of wine, fun company. But we weren’t actually at a restaurant. We were at the Residences at Park Avenue Place in New York, an apartment-style hotel managed by Exclusive Resorts, where a suite had been transformed into a private restaurant just for us, with our meal prepared by chef Ajesh Deshpande. The hospitality company has partnered with supper club–esque start-up Resident to provide guests memorable pandemic-safe dinners.

In the pre-pandemic days, Resident would host intimate dinners for a few dozen people in intriguing locations across New York, with menus created by up-and-coming chefs, many of whom trained at Michelin-starred restaurants. But given the pandemic’s restrictions on dining, Resident had to rethink its model, and partnering with hotels and real estate companies has provided the solution. 

During our experience with Exclusive Resorts, we were the only ones dining in our suite—other parties were seated in their own accommodations, while Deshpande and his staff worked out of yet another. Other Resident dinners are hosted in outdoor spaces, such as the rooftop terrace of a luxury apartment building, where guests are socially distanced. If you're not quite ready to re-enter the world of indoor dining, but you're missing the restaurant experience, Resident's dinners are for you.

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As Resident’s roster changes regularly, the program is perfect for locals, who can try out new menus by different chefs every few weeks. But it’s also a great option for out-of-towners who want to try something new, especially as Resident dinners often provide access to impressive private spaces.

And, given the quality of the talent preparing the menus, the price is a bit of a steal—$195 gets you a five-course dinner plus a welcome cocktail and a wine pairing. By comparison, a tasting menu at acclaimed New York restaurant Per Se will run you $355, and that doesn’t even include wine.

So if you’re looking for a COVID-safe fine dining experience in New York, head to Resident’s website to check out the upcoming events, discover the menus being served, and book your big—but safe—night out.

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