RoverPass Changes the Way RVers Reserve Vacation Spots



One of the most significant advantages of RVing is that you don’t have to follow any real concrete schedule if you decide to stay an extra day, so be it, and you can pick where you’re going the day of. This kind of spontaneous vacationing does work for many families, but we all know type A people like to plan and schedule. There are a variety of booking sites available for RVing, but a common complaint about these sites or services is that they don’t leave the consumer with options.

Fortunately for us RVers, a handful of entrepreneurs in Texas have developed a way for RVers in the United States to explore their different options and book directly. This service is RoverPass. This article explores RoverPass, including its start, available services, and where and how to utilize the site on your next adventure.

What is RoverPass?

RoverPass was created by Ravi Parikh, Paul Cross, and Jay Manickam in Austin, Texas, in 2013. The three founders had found success in other internet ventures and sought a way to marry their skills with startups to their love of outdoors and adventures. RoverPass is the product of these two passions.

RoverPass and the accompanying website state that their mission is to:

“Create meaningful memories at campgrounds and RV parks across the land for our fellow rovers.”

RoverPass is currently run by Parikh, along with a handful of driven and adventurous employees.

How Does RoverPass Work?

The use of RoverPass is a simple process:

  • Use to search for RV parks, grounds, and sites at or near your destination. Once you have selected a city or area, you can use RoverPass’s search filters to narrow down grounds by qualities including RV site amenities such as electrical hookups, campground amenities such as showers or Wi-Fi access, nearby activities and more. 
  • Next, you can select up to three sites to send off inquiries or reservation requests. Sending more than one request means that you will have options if a campsite is unavailable.
  • Receive responses and notices. RoverPass will help you manage your responses and notices and boast that they can help get you quicker responses from RV grounds managers.
  • Book it. You can use RoverPass to book your campground from their website. Congratulations, you are booked and ready to go.

You can create a free profile at RoverPass that only requires your name, email, and a user-created password, no credit card numbers, subscriptions, or details with RoverPass.

How Do I Post an RV Site on RoverPass?

RoverPass can’t generate all their sites and bookings without places to book. That’s where the RV parks come in, and like finding a campsite, there is a simple process:

  • Fill out the listing form, and RoverPass will generate your site for booking on their main website.
  • After you have filled out your form, we will begin to receive prospective customer information to review.
  • Approve potential customers for booking or answer inquiries. RoverPass will send you any more information or reminders, so no one falls through the cracks.
  • Just like the customers, signing up for RoverPass is free for RV campground owners. RoverPass can also work with you to integrate their booking system into yours, whether it be booking software or a person at the front desk.

RoverPass Checkout is easy to use online reservation system that users can take advantage of when listing places to stay or reserving spots for a trip.

What’s Next for RoverPass?

RoverPass has secured more than $1 million in funding in 2015 and has its goal set on raising another million dollars by the end of 2016. By rolling out its own checkout platform, RoverPass wants to make it easier for RV parks, campgrounds, and RVers alike to book a place to stay on the road. RoverPass is posted to capitalize on the growth of the RV industry by developing a platform that evolves with interest in RVing.

RoverPass has many options for RVers to choose from across the US, including popular National Parks and cities, and they continue to add more every day. Whether you’re an RVer or campground owner, we recommend using RoverPass to help you book your next RV adventure or encourage travelers to give your location a shot.

Check out RoverPass today and see how it'll change the way you find RV parks and campgrounds across the United States

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