Top 6 Thrift Stores on Resale Row in Columbus Ohio

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    Fresco Furnishings Furniture and Home Decor Thrift Store

    Fresco Furnishings Furniture and Home Decor Thrift Store
    It's sometimes a little crowded in Fresco Furnishings, but it's like being on a treasure hunt. Carol Ottolenghi

    "Resale Row" on West 5th Avenue has some of the best thrift stores in Columbus, ​Ohio. There is furniture, wedding dresses and lots of brand name clothes for women, men and kids. And, the stuff is in great shape! So if you're looking to save money (and who isn't?), take a stroll down Resale Row.

    Fresco Furnishings

    Fresco Furnishings opened in 2007. Trader Tot co-owners Michelle Salisbury and Anne Bush-Cassidy had wanted to open a resale furniture shop for a while, so when space became available, the women took it.

    Michelle says that their thrift store background with Trader Tots didn't help as much as they thought it would. "It's a completely different customer base," she explains. "We had to build from the ground up."

    Fresco Furnishings usually has dining sets, some furniture for bedrooms and living rooms, home office furniture, dishes and other housewares, and one-of-a-kind decorator items. Usually is the key word here. Things at thrift stores change every day. It's like going on a treasure hunt without leaving Columbus.

    1744 W. 5th Avenue
    (614) 586-1963
    Monday-Friday: 10-7
    Saturday: 10-6
    Sunday: noon-5

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    The Alternative Shop Consignment Store for Men and Women

    In addition to women's clothing, the Alternative Shop has a large selection of men's clothing. Photo by Carol Ottolenghi

    Continue west on 5th, and you come to the Alternative Shop. The Alternative Shop is famous across Columbus for its huge selection of gently-used wedding dresses and evening wear. That's not a surprise -- its owner started the store by selling her daughter's wedding gown. But the Alternative Shop has two other claims to fame: it has an excellent selection of gently-used men's suits and casual clothing; and, its shoe-and-luggage repair will replace zippers in tall boots.

    1806 W. 5th Avenue
    Tuesday-Friday 10-6
    Saturday: 10-5
    Closed Sunday and Monday

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    Trader Tots Maternity and Kids Thrift Store

    There is plenty of maternity clothes, and baby and kid furniture and clothing to browse through at Trader Tots. Photo by Carol Ottolenghi

    Continue west on 5th. Across the street is Trader Tots. Co-owner Michelle Salisbury says the economy has improved the clothes and furniture available at Trader Tots. "We always had good quality," she explains. "We never accepted anything that we wouldn't use for our own kids. But now, people who never thought they'd sell their used stuff are selling. They get some money back, and someone else gets a good deal."

    Salisbury and co-owner Anne Bush-Cassidy opened Trader Tots in 1989. They enjoyed shopping garage sales for kid stuff, and both wanted to keep their kids with them at work, so a thrift store for kids seemed like a great idea. The women love it but agree that owning a thrift store is very hard work. "It's not expensive to operate," Salisbury says. "But you pay for it with your back and your time."

    1828 W. 5th Avenue
    (614) 488-8687
    Monday-Friday: 10-8
    Saturday: 10-6
    Sunday: noon-4

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    Second Chance Consignment Boutique for Women

    Second Chance Thrift Store
    Second Chance owner Mary Healy Smith enjoys the challenge of matching consignment clothes to create attractive outfits. Carol Ottolenghi

    Cross 5th Avenue and head east to Second Chance Consignment Boutique, across from the Alternative Shop. Second Chance owner Mary Healy Smith had been in retail "forever" when her mother saw an ad saying that a resale shop in Grandview was for sale. That was is 2000. In 2008, she expanded the store, and business has continued to boom.

    Second Chance specializes in designer and vintage clothes for women. Some of the things aren't inexpensive, but you can buy gently-used Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton purses for hundreds off their retail prices.

    1803 W. 5th Avenue
    (614) 488-3006
    Tuesday-Thursday: 10-7
    Friday: 10-6
    Saturday: 10-5
    Sunday: noon-4

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    One More Time, etc Gently Used Fine Furnishings

    One More Time Thrift Store
    One More time staff "stages" furniture in room arrangements so you have an idea of how a couch or table will look in your home. Carol Ottolenghi

    One More Time owner Chris Cowan opened One More Time, etc. in 2004 to complement her women's consignment shop down the street. There's a good mix of styles, from antiques to contemporary furniture from Pottery Barn. Shoppers may discover leather couches, Fiesta dishes, wicker furniture, large rugs, bookcases and kids bedroom furniture.

    1641 W. 5th Avenue
    (614) 486-7571
    Monday-Friday: 10-8
    Saturday: 10-6
    Sunday: noon-5

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    One More Time Gently Used Good Clothes for Women and Men

    One More Time Gently Used Good Clothes for Women and Men
    Like most thrift store owners, Chris Cowman truly enjoys the business. Carol Ottolenghi

    Chris Cowman started working in Grandview's One More Time Consignment shop in 1985. Ten years later she bought the business.

    One More Time's large selection of women's and men's clothing is organized by color, as well as by type (suit, dress, pant) and size. And there are many, many sizes, including plus sizes - this makes it very easy to find some real deals.

    1521 W. 5th Avenue
    (614) 486-0031
    Monday-Friday: 10-8
    Saturday: 10-6
    Sunday: noon-5