Reno Weather Averages

Rain, Snow, Temperature, and Sunshine in the Reno / Tahoe Region

Views of South Lake Tahoe from the Tahoe Rim Trail in late winter in Stateline, NV.
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Learn about average temperatures, average precipitation as rainfall and snowfall, and sunshine in the Reno / Tahoe region. Reno gets wide variations from the averages, but these numbers show how it works out over time. Go to Reno / Tahoe Weather to see what's happening on a day-to-day basis and to learn more about our weather and climate.

Rain Shadow and Lake Effect

Both of these weather patterns have significant impacts on overall climate and daily weather conditions in the Reno area.

The rain shadow effect is responsible for Reno's desert climate, while at the same time we can actually see significantly more precipitation coming down just west of town in the Sierra Nevada.

The huge body of water known as Lake Tahoe affects local weather with a phenomenon known as lake effect. When conditions line up just right, storms passing over Lake Tahoe pick up extra moisture and bring it over to our side of the mountains. This can result in occasional storms with heavy rainfall and/or snowfall in the Reno area.

For more weather statistics, including daily numbers by the month, check out Normals and Records for Reno from the National Weather Service.

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Monthly Temperature, Precipitation & Sunshine Averages in Reno, Nevada

MonthAvg. HighAvg. LowAvg. Precip.Record HighRecord LowAvg. Hrs. Sunshine
Jan.45°F22°F1.06 in.71°F (2003)-16°F (1949)65%
Feb.52°F25°F1.06 in.75°F (1986)-16°F (1989)68%
March57°F29°F0.86 in.83°F (1966)-3°F (1897)75%
April64°F33°F0.35 in.89°F (1981)13°F (1956)80%
May73°F40°F0.62 in.97°F (2003)16°F (1896)81%
June83°F47°F0.47 in.103°F (1988)25°F (1954)85%
July91°F51°F0.24 in.108°F (2007)33°F (1976)92%
Aug.90°F50°F0.27 in.105°F (1983)24°F (1962)92%
Sept.82°F43°F0.45 in.101°F (1950)20°F (1965)91%
Oct.70°F34°F0.42 in.91°F (1980)8°F (1971)83%
Nov.55°F26°F0.80 in.77°F (2005)1°F (1958)70%
Dec.46°F21°F0.88 in.70°F (1969)-16°F (1972)64%