2014 Reno Celtic Celebration

Celtic Musicians, Highland Games, Scottish and Irish Dancers, Bag Pipe Bands

Reno Celtic Celebration Pictures, Celtic Musicians, Dancing, Highland Games, Bag Pipe Bands, Reno
••• Bagpipe band plays at the Hawkins Amphitheater during the Reno Celtic Celebration. Photo © Stan White

About the Reno Celtic Celebration

The 2014 Reno Celtic Celebration is Saturday and Sunday, October 4 and 5. As a people, the Celts and their modern day ancestors came from what are now Scotland and Ireland, which is why the Reno Celtic Celebration features activities and events that originated in those areas, such as the highland games, spirited music, and graceful, energetic forms of dance. The Reno Celtic Celebration also includes an assortment of food and drink savored by Celts, like the stout dark ales served in today's Irish pubs.

Reno Celtic Celebration Activities

Music and Dance - Look for lots of music, dance, and unique athletic competition at the Reno Celtic Celebration. Bag pipe bands will play throughout the weekend, along with an assortment of dancers and Celtic music bands. Wander the grounds to see what you will find in the way of food, drink, and vendors with a variety of Celtic themed goods.

Athletic Events - One of my favorite parts of the Reno Celtic Celebration is the unique athletic events, or Scottish Heavy Athletics. Where else can you see the caber toss, stone throw, hammer throw, and weight for distance and height? There will be demonstrations and clinics, with women and children welcome to participate. Those wanting to learn more about Highland events can participate in the clinics.

Celtic Critters - For animal lovers, the Celtic Critter Village will feature animals with a Celtic origin. Did you know that there are more than 60 Celtic dog breeds and three Celtic cat breeds?

How about the Shetland pony and shaggy Highland cows? If you have a Celtic critter you'd like to display in the Celtic Critter Village, email mmingo@charter.net for more information. Sorry, other pets are not allowed. Only animals that are part of the Celtic Critter Village and service animals are allowed at the Reno Celtic Celebration.

British Cars - An assortment of British automobiles will be on display, sponsored by the Reno Jaguar Club. Enjoy viewing these fine cars from the British Isles.

Location of the Reno Celtic Celebration

The Reno Celtic Celebration is held at Bartley Ranch Regional Park in Reno. The park is at the south end of Lakeside Drive. It's straight south from the intersection of S. McCarran Boulevard and Lakeside Drive. For more details, see the map and directions to Bartley Ranch Regional Park. This is a popular event, but there is plenty of parking at Bartley Ranch. The park is a terrific venue for the Reno Celtic Celebration, with large grass areas, shade structures, an arena for the highland games, the Hawkins Amphitheater for music and dance performances, and lots of parking.

Tickets for the Reno Celtic Celebration

The 2014 Reno Celtic Celebration will be held on October 4 and 5. Tickets at the gate are $15 a day or $25 for a two day pass. Children 12 and under free with a paid admission. Children under 12 will not be admitted unless accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult. Pre-sale tickets are available online and come with a 10% discount. Tickets purchased online will be available at will call under the name of the purchaser when you arrive at the event.

Check out the Reno Celtic Celebration schedule to see what's going on and when.

Note about pets: Except for service animals, pets are not allowed at the Reno Celtic Celebration unless they are part of the Celtic Critter Village. All animals must have an Animal Pass.

More About the Reno Celtic Celebration

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Learn More About the Celts

There is plenty of lore and legend surrounding The Story of the Celts. Halloween, for example, evolved from a pre-Christian Celtic festival of the dead. That's not all, however. There is a whole world of Celtic myth and legend that has come down through literally thousands of years of history.

One theory, for example, has the Celt Druids as builders of Stonehenge.