Registering Your Car in Arkansas

What You Need to Know and Where to Register

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All drivers must register their vehicles within 30 days of establishing a residency in Arkansas. Non-residents can legally operate a vehicle for up to six months in the state. Whether you are new to Arkansas or a resident, here's everything you need to know about licensing your car.

What You Need

If you are an Arkansas resident and want to renew your license plates, you must have proof of personal property assessment and proof that no personal property taxes are due. These documents can be obtained through the assessor's office if you do not have them. You must also supply proof of liability insurance and have your VIN number available.

Arkansas law requires liability insurance not be less than $25,000 for bodily injury or death of one person, not be less than $50,000 for bodily injury or death of two or more persons, and coverage of $25,000 for property damage.

If you are applying for Arkansas license plates for the first time as a new resident, you must have proof of insurance that meets the minimum requirements under Arkansas law when you go to register. At the time you register, you must have your title from your previous state or proof that your lender has your title so it can be transferred to an Arkansas title and your current registration from your previous state. The title transfer will be done when you register your vehicle. You must also have documentation that you do not owe any personal property taxes, and proof that your vehicle has been or will be assessed in the current year. You must register your vehicle in person at a Department of Motor Vehicles location.

Cost to Register

The fees are based on the vehicle's weight, type of vehicle, and city and county taxes. 

Personalized Plates

The fee to get a personalized plate in the state of Arkansas is $25 in addition to registration fees, as of August 2017. You can search to see if your idea is taken on the DFA website. Letters, numbers, and spaces can be combined using up to seven characters for car/pickup/van license plates and six characters for motorcycles. Even if the tag is available, it must be approved. Vulgar, hateful, or copyrighted words will not be approved. If your plate is available, you can fill out the online form and DFA will contact you when your plate is approved.

Specialty Plates

Fees for specialty plates vary, and they are in addition to registration fees.  There are more than 100 types of specialty plates in Arkansas. You can see a complete list of plates at DFA Arkansas. Each plate has the details on how you qualify and the additional fees.

Plates that anyone can apply for: Most Arkansas colleges have a plate that anyone can apply for. You can also get plate supporting Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer, Arkansas School for the Deaf, Arkansas State Parks, Friends of the Animals-NLR, Support our Troops, Support Animal Rescues, Armed Forces, Boy Scouts, Cattlemen's Foundation, Choose Life, Committed to Education, Department of Conservation District, Ducks Unlimited, and Arkansas Game and Fish.

Plates you must qualify for: Vietnam and World War II veterans can apply for a special veteran's plate. There are also specialty plates for congressional medal of honor winners, former POWs, disabled veterans, Reserve forces and other military plates.

Specialty vehicles like taxis, ambulances, and transporters have their own plates. Amateur Radio operators, firemen, Freemasons, and antique vehicles can apply for a plate as well.

Where to Register

Renewals can be handled on the phone, online at, by mail, and in person at an office of the DMV. You can apply for a new registration or renew your Arkansas plates at these locations:

In Little Rock
1900 W. Seventh St.
3 State Police Plaza Drive
9108 N. Rodney Parham Road
1 State Police Plaza

In North Little Rock 
2655-A Pike Ave.

In Sherwood
6929 JFK, Space 22, Indian Hills Shopping Center

In Maumelle
550 Edgewood Drive, Suite 580

In Jacksonville
4 Crestview Plaza

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