Renee Chapple

  • Renee Chapple is a travel writer, mother, small business owner, and resident of Miami since 2001 who has written dozens of articles about tourism in south Florida for publications like USA Today, Miami Food Review, and Tulsa World.


Renee Chapple is a former writer for TripSavvy covering everything from best hotels to the most family-friendly destinations in Miami for nearly 15 years. Although members of Chapple's family have lived in south Florida since the 1990s, she did not move to Miami with her three children until 2001.

Along with writing about family-friendly travel options, Chapple runs a small business and has written extensively on the topic of starting a company in Miami or other small cities around the United States. However, although she went to college for a degree in physics, Chapple has spent most of her post-graduate adulthood working as a freelance travel writer.


Chapple earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from the Johns Hopkins University.

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