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Renault Buy Back Scheme Makes Sense

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If you want to rent a car in France or Europe for at least three weeks (minimum 21 days), you’ll find the Renault Eurodrive lease buy-back program an excellent way to save money and hassle. Some of the advantages of this rental car deal include:

  • Choose a brand-new car
  • No age restrictions — Rent even if you are 18 years old
  • Get valuable no-deductible car rental insurance

This is a real value for money option if you have a long itinerary and want to start in, for instance, Paris and drop off in Nice. And you can go further if you want, taking in other countries and dropping off (or picking up) in Rome, Madrid or most other European countries which is a huge advantage over most rental car companies. This give you a flexibility to tour throughout Europe without having to pay extra and go through the hassle.

Here is a short guide to the pros and cons of the rental car program, an explanation of how it works and why the Renault deal can be cheaper than traditional rental car deals in Europe. Renault has long experience and this program makes them is one of the most reliable rental car companies.

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  • Competitive price
  • Cars come with great comprehensive, no-deductible insurance
  • You have a brand-new car with full factory warranty, exactly as you order
  • There are no hidden or extra charges
  • No extra charge for a spouse to drive
  • Minimum age is 18 and there’s no upper age limit on this rental car agreement
  • You can get handy extras that you need (which you have to pay for), like child car seats, luggage and bicycle racks

Pros when you are on the road in France and Europe:

  • You can drive in 42 countries as you want
  • Unlimited mileage
  • You can pick up and drop off for free in different locations in France
  • You can pick up and drop off in different countries. There are special fees involved, but there are very few rental car companies which allow you to do this
  • 17,000 Renault Service agents throughout Europe
  • Round-the-clock multi-language roadside assistance
  • You can return the car with an almost empty tank, avoiding all the hassle of filling up or being charged heavily for the car rental company to fill up the tank


  • There’s more paper work when you book than for normal rental car companies
  • Locations may be difficult to find
  • There’s very little gas in the car when you pick it up
  • This is only available for customers who are NOT European residents
  • There is a charge for drop off outside France
  • You have to book for 21 days, though you can take the car back before that.

How Does It Work?

Tax on new cars in France is 20% which, not surprisingly, acts as a deterrent to European buyers. Renault leases to a foreigner, then buys back and can sell the car on without the punishing 20% tax. As the car will have low mileage, this is a huge advantage to anyone in France who wants to buy an almost brand new car, without that tax. The French government allows rental car companies like Renault to supply cars to tourists tax free.

It also means that the company takes great care that nothing happens to the car before it is passed on. So they offer top insurance, full, zero-deductable coverage and a 24 hour hotline for service.

Renting the Car

You book through the website. Choose your car from the range and maybe consider a convertible, or one of the brand new snazzy models on offer. When you are on the site, you can pick various different models to compare prices. The price quoted is a total price with no hidden extras. Do all the paperwork before you leave for your vacation (they recommend 30 days in advance).

In France, you can pick the car up at the airport or train station (the representative will meet you and take you to the pick up/return center). Or the company will collect you from your hotel. The representative will show you how the car works, there's minimum paper work as it's all been done beforehand, and you’re off.

Some Things to Consider When Booking

  • Many European cars have manual transmission; if you want an automatic, check that when you book.
  • Diesel or petrol? Diesel cars are more economical and diesel is cheaper than petrol in France. Remember that diesel is available everywhere in France and Europe.
  • Many new cars now have built-in GPS, but check that when you book.

So if you are planning a trip taking over 18 days, this is a top rental car option from Renault.

Major Locations in France

The Renault Eurodrive Lease is available in these locations:

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