REI Hobitat 4 Camping Tent Review

The REI Hobitat 4 is a spacious and well-constructed family camping tent.


The REI Hobitat 4 camping tent is a spacious family and car camping tent that is comfortable and versatile, allowing for maximum space and comfort away from home. An optional garage feature allows for extra storage space. This tent is perfect to add to your quiver of camping tents. The Hobitat 4 is ideal for car camping with the family or for a couple that likes to car camp with extra gear and/or dogs. 

Update: The Hobitat 4 is not currently available. The Kingdom 4 is a versatile camping tent that is  recommended by the manufacture as a similar style. 

Pros and Cons


  • The Hobitat 4 offers ample room and space and is very comfortable for a family camping tent.
  • The design allows for plenty of head-space so you can stand up and move around inside the tent.
  • If additional storage space is required or desired, the optional garage feature comes in handy. You can keep your camping gear outside in the storage area so that you have more room inside the tent.
  • The Hobitat 4 is reasonably priced considering all the features it offers.
  • The bug mesh keeps critters outside, but also allows for extra ventilation so you can still breath fresh mountain or ocean air.


  • Setting up this tent solo can prove to be tricky, especially if you don't read the directions first.
  • The Hobitat 4 is a spacious tent, which also means it is a bit heavy and bulky.

Expert Comments

The REI Hobitat 4 family camping tent is designed for REI and sold exclusively through their retail and online stores. The tent is ideal for car camping for 2- 4 people and offers an optional storage garage for additional space.

The fist time I tried to set up the Hobitat 4 I had a difficult time. The pole set-up was different than a traditional design and I got myself mixed up. After reading the directions, the tent was much easier to set-up and an additional person assisting made it go even quicker. Once we got the directions dialed, the tent was easy to pitch.

Although I was not able to experience the Hobitat 4 in rain, the rainfly seemed to be very waterproof in a simulated rain test and it held up well to steady winds. The tent is constructed well and seems to be durable, which is great for repeated camping trips with the family. Get ready to see the same tent in your family photos for years! Note: This tent is sold exclusively through REI retail stores and online

Favorite Feature 

It really is nice to have a car camping tent that you can stand-up in. The 6-foot height of the Hobitat 4 is great for overhead space, easy moving and comfort. The additional storage garage is also a favorite feature because it allows you to keep your gear outside the tent, so you have more space for getting cozy inside and your gear is still protected from the weather outside.


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