REI and Airstream's First Collab Is the Adventure Travel Trailer of Your Dreams

The sustainability-focused camper comes complete with a 25 piece gear kit


Courtesy of Airstream

When it comes to RV travel, the iconic Airstream trailer is one of the first images that may pop into your head. But for adventure travelers, the Airstream's long, bullet-shaped trailers are often too large for off-road ventures.

Now, the company has found the perfect way to reach adventure travelers who want to hit the back roads in style: a dream collaboration with outdoor outfitter REI that will see the launch of a new, special edition 16-foot camper.

The new vehicle, called the REI Co-op Special Edition Basecamp Travel Trailer, is a spin-off of Airstream's smallest and most affordable vehicle, the Basecamp. While its exterior still features Airstream’s signature stainless steel, the special edition version is a more nimble and maneuverable version of the trailer, perfect for exploring rugged, off-road areas. It's the first time in 91 years that Airstream has released a special edition of its top-selling model.

The new vehicle features a bathroom, small kitchen, and a combined living and sleeping area, and rides on a single axle. With a generously sized rear hatch, the vehicle is designed to allow travelers plenty of space to load the camper with bicycles and other adventure gear.

And just in case you needed even more gear, the vehicle comes stocked with a 25 piece product kit, including a selection of products from REI Co-op and REI Co-op partner brands, like the comfy Co-op Camp Flexlite Dreamer Chair and plenty of OXO camping cookware.


Courtesy of Airstream

The new vehicle also has a heavy emphasis on sustainability. All fabrics are made from post-consumer recycled materials, and its sink cover is made from recycled paper. Airstream also selected lightweight, sustainably grown wood for the vehicle's cabinetry.

"This one-of-a-kind Basecamp travel trailer has helped us step into new territories and explore more sustainable manufacturing practices and materials as we work to prioritize caring for the environment," said Airstream president and CEO Bob Wheeler. "Through partnering with REI, Airstream is proud to offer a model that includes recycled materials, as well as features to help customers camp longer by conserving precious resources such as water.”

Orders for the new REI Co-Op Special Edition Basecamp are now available, but it won't come cheap. The new vehicle retails for $52,900, a $6,900 premium over the standard Airstream Basecamp.

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