REI Adventures Offers Great Active Travel Trips

From Rafting in Alaska to Hiking in the Alps—REI Adventures has Great Trips

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REI Adventures can take you to beautiful and remote places.

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While everyone is aware of it, outdoor gear retailer REI also happens to offer an outstanding array of adventure travel opportunities too. The company's aptly-named REI Adventures has an exciting – and surprising deep – catalog of great active travel itineraries to take clients around the globe, ranging from weekend getaways to three-week vacations, with plenty to do in between.

Guests on an REI Adventure can go canoeing, sea kayaking, or rafting in such varied locales as Alaska, Iceland, and Thailand. Those who prefer to travel on foot or bike can go hiking or bicycling in places as exotic as Hungary and Vietnam, or while exploring France's Provence region instead. If you're seeking a multi-sport adventure, excellent wildlife viewing, or a climbing trip, chances are REI Adventures will have something that can meet your needs both in remote locations around the world, as well as right here in the U.S.

It's easy to find trips on the website

REI Adventures's offers more than 250 active trips on its website, with options to visit every continent on the planet, including Antarctica. With such a vast catalog to sift through, it is important that the site be speedy and easy to navigate. Fortunately both are true, making it a simple affair to search for trips based on continent, country, or by a specific sport or activity.

REI Adventures is part of the REI retail chain, which has more than 150 stores spread out across the U.S. Those outlets – along with the REI website – are chock-full of equipment and clothing designed specifically with outdoor enthusiasts and adventure travelers in mind. And if you prefer to travel with a company that gives back to the world around us, it is important to point out that in 2016 the company donated nearly 70% of its profits to causes that are near and dear to its heart, not to mention those of its membersSome of those causes include protecting and restoring the environment, increasing access to outdoor activities, and encouraging involvement in responsible outdoor recreation.

Some of the more popular REI Adventures trips include hiking in Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, trekking to Everest Base Camp, and taking a classic safari in Tanzania. The company offers new trips on a regular basis, is constantly updating its itineraries, and offers a mix of traditional adventure travel options with opportunities to visit emerging destinations that remain a bit more off the beaten path too.

But that's not all. REI Adventures can also offer private tours for those looking for something a bit more custom tailored to their needs. The company also organizes family excursions and has a set of trips designed specifically for the under-35 crowd. Chances are, if you like to travel, you'll find something that fits your needs with REI Adventures.

For those looking for further information on what REI Adventures has to offer, the company's website provides an excellent set of FAQ's to help answer potential questions. The site can even help you purchase the proper travel insurance for coverage throughout your trip and offers advice for solo travelers too. Essentially, it is a good resource for anyone planning or considering a trip with the outfitter. 

Adventures for the Ladies

REI has also taken an active role in getting more women involved with the outdoors as well. To that end, it has launched the "Force of Nature" program which provides hundreds of women-only classes and seminars, as well as promoting female-specific gear for use on their adventures.

But REI and REI Adventures have also paired with one another to create the Outessa program as well. These three-day weekends are also strictly ladies-only, offering women a chance to learn new outdoor skills and sports – such as mountain biking and climbing – in safe, supervised environments with all the necessary gear provided. The Outessa camps are held in places like California and New Hampshire, allowing as many women as possible to take part. And with more than 1000 events to choose from, there are plenty of adventure to be had. 

If those weekend getaways aren't enough however, REI Adventures also has a slate of women's only trips that are longer and more comprehensive too, taking participants to the ends of the Earth, and beyond.

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