How To Register to Vote in Miami-Dade

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We all know the importance of voting. After all, our state decided the 2000 Presidential election. Are you registered to perform your most basic civil duty? If not, we'll walk through the simple process of registering to vote together.

Here's How

  1. Voting is a right and an obligation. Everyone is eligible to vote if you are at least 18 years old, and you are an American Citizen, and you are a permanent resident of Miami-Dade County (there are no time requirements for residency). In addition, you must be mentally competent and not claim the right to vote in another state. Convicted felons may not vote unless they have had their civil rights restored.
  2. You can obtain voter registration forms from the State of Florida Division of Elections. You may also use this form to change your name and address on record, register with a political party or change party affiliation, or to replace a voter registration card. Note that the application requires a signature; you MUST print this form out, sign it and mail it to the address provided.
  3. You may register to vote at the same time you are applying for (or renewing) your driver's license, Miami-Dade library card, benefits at state public assistance agencies, and armed forces recruiting offices. To find the closest agency, call 305-499-8363.
  4. To register by mail or apply for an absentee ballot, please call 305-499-8363 for the appropriate forms.
  5. The deadline for registering in an election is 29 days prior to the election. If you are mailing your registration form, it must be postmarked 29 days before the election.

What You Need

  • A valid Florida driver's license, showing residency in Miami-Dade OR
  • A valid Florida Identification Card OR
  • A valid social security card.
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