Regal Princess Cruise Ship Dining and Cuisine

Wine Maker's dinner setting on the Regal Princess

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Like most large cruise ships, the Regal Princess features multiple dining options and many different types of cuisine. No one ever goes hungry on a cruise! In addition to the varied cuisines, the atmosphere in the dining options ranges from casual take-away to elegant with exceptional sit-down service.

Most of the dining options on the Regal Princess are very similar to those on her sister ship the Royal Princess.

In addition to the many different dining venues around the ship, passengers also enjoy memorable dining experiences for an extra fee like the Chef's Table Lumiere and the Wine Maker's Dinner. As seen in the photo above, the Wine Maker's Dinner is held in the Symphony and Concerto Dining Rooms at a special table. This table is appropriately surrounded by wine bottles, and the chef designs a special pairing menu for the participants to savor.

This article will provide photos and more information on just a few of the Regal Princess dining venues and cuisine.

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Main Dining Rooms on the Regal Princess

Concerto Dining Room on the Regal Princess
Linda Garrison

The Regal Princess has three lovely main dining rooms--Allegro (deck 6 aft), Concerto (deck 6 midship), and Symphony (deck 5 midship). Only one of these dining rooms is open for breakfast and lunch, but all three are open for dinner. These Regal Princess dining rooms offer both traditional fixed or anytime open seating for dinner. 

Dinner is a relaxing affair, filled with good food and nicely paced. The menu is similar to those on other Princess ships, with appetizers, soups, salads, main courses, and desserts. Special diets are accommodated.

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Crown Grill on the Regal Princess

Crown Grill on the Regal Princess
Linda Garrison

Past Princess cruisers will be happy to see the Crown Grill on the Regal Princess. This premium steakhouse offers delicious steaks and other grilled items, along with seafood. The Crown Grill has an open kitchen, and it's fun to watch the chefs at work.

The Crown Grill is located next to the Wheelhouse Bar on deck 7 aft. The club-like atmosphere of the Grill goes well with the nautical theme in the Bar.

The Crown Grill is elegant, with great service and cooked-to-order dishes. An extra surcharge applies and guests have an upscale experience in an upscale restaurant. Reservations are required.

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Sabatini's on the Regal Princess

Sabatini's Restaurant on the Regal Princess
Princess Cruises

Sabatini's is another familiar name to past Princess cruisers. This specialty Tuscan Italian restaurant is next to the Vine's wine bar just off the Piazza on deck 5 on the Regal Princess. The decor is refined and elegant, and the food and wine are memorable. One of the Super Tuscans on the wine menu will complement many of the dishes, and seafood is a popular choice. There's an extra fee to dine at Sabatini's, and reservations are required.

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Alfredo's Pizzeria on the Regal Princess

Alfredo's Pizzeria on the Regal Princess
Linda Garrison

Alfredo's Pizzeria is in the Piazza on deck 6 midship on the Regal Princess. Those who love hand-tossed, Neopolitan-style pizzas can certainly appreciate this complimentary sit-down restaurant. The atmosphere is casual, and although pizza is "king", Alfredo's has other items on the menu like Italian antipasti, soups and salads, calzones, baked pastas, and desserts.

Alfredo's is usually open from 11 am to 11 pm, so guests can enjoy pizza for lunch or dinner (or both).

The Regal Princess also has a casual takeaway pizzeria named Prego, which is on deck 16 midship.

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International Cafe on the Regal Princess

International Cafe on the Regal Princess
Linda Garrison

The International Cafe is open 24 hours a day and is found in the Regal Princess Piazza on deck 5. This cafe features specialty coffees and teas for an extra fee, but also has complimentary take-away pastries at breakfast and sandwiches at lunch. I can speak from experience that the donuts, muffins, cookies, and paninis are delicious.

The International Cafe has some seating, but guests also use the piazza seating areas. 

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Horizon Court Buffet and Bistro on the Regal Princess

Horizon Court Buffet on the Regal Princess
Linda Garrison

The Horizon Court buffet on deck 16 aft is one of Princess Cruises' most popular dining options. This busy buffet on the Regal Princess is open most of the day, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The variety of choices is impressive, and action stations serve a nice selection of meats, salads, vegetables, and breads, along with international cuisines like Mexican, Japanese, Asian, or Mediterranean.

One area of the Horizon Bistro is dedicated to a pastry shop, with fresh-baked goodies all day like cookies, croissants, and desserts. This area even has a specialty coffee section, so those who want a specialty coffee don't have to go down to the International Cafe.

In the evening on certain nights, the Horizon Bistro has specialty dinners like the Crab Shack or Fondues. Both of these have an extra fee. 

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Gelato on the Regal Princess

Gelato on the Regal Princess
Linda Garrison

Gelato is both a Regal Princess gelateria and a creperie, with Italian-style ice cream, Italian crepes,and homemade waffle cones. The menu also includes sundaes, smoothies, shakes, and other diet-busting delights. Each of the items has a la carte pricing.

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Regal Princess Chef's Table Lumiere

Regal Princess Chef's Table Lumiere
Princess Cruises

This spectacular dining experience is the Regal Princess' most expensive. Guests sit at a custom-made glass table in the Allegro Dining Room surrounded by shimmery curtains that give the entire event a magical ambiance. The chef prepares a meal that you will remember for a lifetime.

I haven't experienced the Chef's Table on the Regal Princess, but was one of the first to enjoy this special dinner on the Emerald Princess, which introduced the dinner back in 2007.  The venues have changed since those first Princess chef's dinners, but the memorable experience hasn't.

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Ocean Terrace Seafood Bar

Ocean Terrace Seafood Bar
Linda Garrison

Ocean Terrace is a seafood bar on Deck 7 midship of the Regal Princess. This bar offers several different a la carte seafood items such as oyster shooters, fresh sushi and sashimi, king crab cocktail, or even smoked Balik caviar. An extra surcharge applies for each item, but it's a nice option on the ship.

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