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It's Closed, but People Still Love It

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After operating one of Santa Cruz County's most popular nude beaches for over 30 years, Red White and Blue Beach's owner Ralph Edwards closed it in the late 2000's and sadly, he died in 2014.

After all the years since it closed, it and its owner still hold a special place in the hearts of its former visitors. These are some of the tributes we have collected. If you want to add to this, you can email your comments to


I was one of the regulars at this wonderful nude beach around the end of the 1980's and early 1990's.  Many of us knew each other and we spent every weekend there.  I had my own special camping spot down across from where Ralph and Kathleen's house was at the top of the hill.  We could always feel safe there because if anyone was acting out-of-place, Ralph called the police immediately and they were there in minutes and would haul the person(s) off. 

I have lived in many different places/states since those wonderful times and now live in Arizona.  I'm still in touch with one couple that I met at the beach and we often reminisce about those good old days back when we used to meet at the beach.  There were often potlucks.  Ralph used to love to tease me ..LOL.  He had me believe that at least one ghost lived there and one time at the entrance, where there was an old car seat and the little house where Ralph checked visitors in, there was a box full of apples on the back of that seat.  Somehow Ralph apparently had a string attached to that box and if I made a bad comment about a guy I was dating at the beach, Ralph would make the box shake and told me the ghost did not like that I said anything bad about the boyfriend, Drew Brown. 

I really have missed the RW&B and the people over the years and would love to repeat those times camping at the beach.  If anyone who reads this post still remembers me and maybe Drew, I'd love to hear from them.  I used to camp in a tan Toyota truck that had a camper shell.  Ursula....

The Edwards

The Edwards and our family go way back. They always treated everyone like family. If you had respect, you would have gotten respect back. Our family was always welcome to use the beach to go surfing. We have some epic times with Ralph and Kathleen. Beaver was fun to surf with also. Our family will miss those days with the fun and laughter we had. I would like to thank their family for sharing not only the land, but their parents to all of us........ Amy Zavala-Miller

—Guest Amy

Ralph R. Edwards

My father, Ralph R. Edwards, passed away on 22 January 2014. His five siblings surely love and miss him; the beach property is in a Trust at this time. Rhonda K. Abell


Wonderful Beach, Amazing People

So sad and sorry to hear it is closed. Beautiful people always and comfortable, safe place.


Red white and blue

Ralph, was the nicest man, sharing his land, asking only that you leave it like you found it, behave like you would at home. I'll always remember the camp fires going most of the night. The conversations were always new, personal and deep. The place was very warm once they knew you weren't just there for sex. They'd actually screen you, discretely, if you got out of line, the "family" would remind you. I had a blast with Mary, Fred, Grey, Drunk girl, and her son, karaoke nights, lewd song lyrics. I drove there almost every summer weekend, hung out, sometimes not a soul on the beach for 4-5 hours. Sometimes with groups, having a blast. I helped someone quit "using" forever and he came back a year later to thank me. Magical place, lots of excellent authentic people. I'd work there in a minute for free to relive those experiences.

—Guest Patrick

a wonderful place

Was there in 2003, my first nude beach, and it was a magical place where everybody felt comfortable, like a commune where you could be nude and yourself and it was cool! Surely missed, but will be at Haulover this weekend :)

—Guest taunclad

Drummer at The Beach

It truly was a Very Sad Day for me to read that one of my Favorite places to go was closing , brought a tear to my eye ! Ralph always made You feel very Welcome , no matter Race , Religion or whatever , and being an African American that was very important to me , and I have a lot of Respect for Ralph and the staff at RWB for Always making me feel Welcome and like One of The Family ......... me , and I have Much Respect for Ralph and the other staff at RWB .....

—Guest Dominic

best beach i ever been to closed

the most comfortable beach i ever been to i was able to enjoy this beach once beautiful beach with soft sand n clean water it was only my 3rd time going to a nude beach but this beach made me feel so comfortable naked i didnt put my clothes back on til i got in my car all the people were friendly no one looked at u weird everyone was there to have a good time i did not want to leave this beach the next time i tried to go there it was closed :( hope to some day be able to enjoy that worry free lil peace of heaven again

—Guest mikey


My first experience nude was at RW&B, been a nudist now for over 20 years. Loved going there and enjoyed the beach and the sun. Sorry to hear it is closed.

—Guest Bobby'Girl'

Sorry It's Closed

I've been away for 5 years and was so looking forward to spending time @ RW&B. I was a regular for 7 years. So many great memories of volleyball games, bonfires, music, potlucks and fantastic people. Jem was right - it was a place where you felt secure and welcome. It was the only place I will camp in a tent as a single woman. I sleep in my car everywhere else, including State and National parks. The beach itself was pristine and ever-changing. It was family friendly as well. I am so going to miss RW&B. It was truly a wonderful oasis.

—Guest Miriam


I felt protected, there was security, it was private, there were many professional people on the beach, the beach was beautiful and if you came to the beach with clothes on, the people, young and old, made you feel like it was okay to relax and enjoy your body for what it is, along with a beautiful scenery of ocean, sand, quiet, and peace. I am so sorry to hear that it may be closing. There is a story behind this place, like ghosts in the old house, you have to get to know the owners for that. Anyway, I was there 20 years ago and I am so sorry to hear that it is no longer available for our relaxation.

—Guest JEM

Former Red White& Blue Nude Beach goer.

Donate the Red White& Blue Nude Beach to the A A N R. This way the Red White& Blue Nude Beach can still go on. And the Nude people can still in joy the Nude Beach in Santa Cruz, Calif. Nudist Billy

—Guest Billy McDonald

I Was a Nudist there.

I am sorry to hear that my favor it Nude Beach is close.I enjoyed being Naked there at the Red White&Blue Beach.I had Fun there.I met a lot of nice people there to. The Red White&Blue Beach is a nice place to go Naked. And have fun Naked.Your Nudist Friend Billy.

—Guest Billy McDonald

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