Amateur and Recreational Sports Leagues in New York City

Get out and play with one of New York's many sports and recreation leagues

Young male soccer player kicking ball on soccer pitch
Stanton j Stephens / Getty Images

Is your workout routine getting old? If you’re looking for a new way to break a sweat or just want to throw a ball around, check out a few of Manhattan’s most popular amateur and recreational sports leagues. Most leagues kick off their spring seasons in April, but it's a good idea to sign up early because many teams get booked early.

  • New York City Social Sports Club
    • High school gym class jocks unite! This spring, relive the fun and sign up for the Social Sports Club’s broomball and dodgeball leagues. After the games, celebrate your victory at NYCSSC sponsored bars and enjoy some great beer specials with your team. Make friends and have fun, but remember -- no pegging above the shoulders.
      • League info: Co-ed 6 on 6, 10-14 members per team. Minimum 2 women on the court at any time. Games played once/week.
    • Fees: $1050 for a team of 14 players and $75 for individuals. Costs include equipment and team t-shirts.
  • New York Urban Athletics League
    • Join other urban professionals in the New York Urban Athletics league, a semi-competitive team sports league that organizes basketball and volleyball games across Manhattan. Last spring, the league fielded over 275 teams in 27 different divisions. If you’re interested, stop by an “open-play” night to meet the players, take a few shots, and see if it’s your type of gig.
      • League info: 8-game season. Games are 1 hour and 15 minutes long.
    • Fees: $1,130.00 per basketball team, $1095 per volleyball team, $113 for individuals. Includes all court fees, referee fees, and 10 league T-shirts.
  • Big Apple Softball League
    • Big Apple is THE softball league for Manhattan’s gay/lesbian/bi/trans community. Each season, over 37 teams compete for the league title and serious bragging rights. Everybody is welcome, so sign up now, play hard, and take your team all the way to the Gay World Series in Phoenix, AZ!
      • League info: Weekend double-headers April-August.
    • Fees: $80-$130 per player. Includes regular season umpire fees, uniforms, and travel expenses should your team play out of town.
  • UrbanSoccer
    • Pick-up soccer games are fun, but it can be tough to find an unoccupied field in Manhattan. UrbanSoccer organizes outdoor games and tournaments on fields across lower Manhattan and splits teams into divisions based on skill level and competitiveness. With assigned referees, weekly standings, official UrbanSoccer t-shirts and season-end trophies for league champs and participants, this league is definitely big time.
      • League info: 6, 7, or 8 players on the field. 10 games per season, each game 45 mins long. 9-12 member roster.
    • Fees: $1,400 per team, $145 for individuals.
  • TennisNYC
    • This spring it’s time to take that dusty tennis racquet off the shelf and head up to Central Park to work on your forehand. TennisNYC, a fun, friendly and social tennis league for young urban professionals, offers full lessons, cardio drills, and intensive skills training. The league also organizes singles, doubles, and mixed doubles games, round-robin games, and tennis tournaments in the Central Park Tennis Center, a well-kept facility with 26 clay and 4 asphalt courts. This spring, join club members and coaches on tennis outings to the Jersey Shore and Daytona, Florida. Who said spring break is just for college kids?
      • League info: 75+ members play and train year-round.
    • Fees: $95 initial evaluation fee. League fee is $90 every 30 days, with discounted rates for students and players with financial needs.