7 Reasons to Visit Scandinavia

Here is a useful list for travelers asking why they should visit Scandinavia. As a travel destination, Scandinavia offers a beautiful wilderness with glaciers in the north, forests, and lakes in the south. The cities are interesting, clean and attractive, and serve as a great destination for every kind of traveler!

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Unsurpassed Natural Phenomena

Greenland in December
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Scandinavia is known for amazing phenomena created by Mother Nature. In this part of the world, travelers can choose to experience three natural phenomena:

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Interesting City Destinations

Helsinki Cathedral
 Giuseppe Milo/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Scandinavia's capitals offer history, metropolitan atmosphere, combined with tradition and an open-minded welcome to all visitors. The capitals below are wonderful travel destinations for every visitor in the mood for interesting Scandinavian city life:

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Countless Outdoor Events

Throngs of fans
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Scandinavians love to celebrate outdoors, especially in the warm summer months. Not a weekend goes by that does not offer an event in Scandinavia. Take a look at Scandinavia's monthly calendar to find out what's happening during the time you will be there! Another useful resource is the list of ​annual holidays and festivals to find out if celebrations might have an impact on your travel plans.

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It's Cheaper Than Many Think

Swedish Krona
Lauri Rotko/Folio Images/Getty Images

Europe tends to have the reputation of being expensive...but that can be changed easily nowadays. Saving money on your next vacation in Scandinavia with these tips WILL save money on your next trip: Top 10 Tips to Save Money in Scandinavia. You might just be able to stay a few days longer for your money. There are also numerous free things to do in each city!

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Scandinavians Speak English

Danish Folk Dresses
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Yes, basically everyone in Scandinavia speaks English! All Scandinavian children learn English in school. However, everyone appreciates if you try to utter a few words in one of the Scandinavian Languages, which you can do easily. 

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Short Distances, Good Transportation

Tromso Langnes Airport
Harald Groven/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0 

Take a look at the Scandinavia Maps and the driving distances in Scandinavia to see how close some destinations can be. You can even see two destinations on the same day by driving or flying from one city to another in the neighboring country, the distances are so short. It is amazing how a couple of hours in the car can take you from one country into another and a few more hours, yet another. For public transportation, check online schedules beforehand and if you are traveling on a weekend, make sure to look at the weekend schedule since those schedules are often only a fraction of the weekday service of buses and trains. All in all, several modes of transportation are available to travelers, each with their own pros and cons.

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