9 Reasons To Visit The LINQ Las Vegas

The LINQ Las Vegas is the new way to enjoy The Strip

The High Roller at The LINQ Las Vegas
 The LINQ Las Vegas

You can't miss the LINQ Las Vegas as it is right in the center of all the action on the Las Vegas strip. Stand out in front of Caesars Palace Las Vegas and take your eyes off of the fountains and iconic towers and look across the street to the LINQ. That is what Las Vegas looks like these days. Walking down the path between The LINQ hotel and The Flamingo hotel this open-air entertainment district has just boosted your options while on a Las Vegas vacation. 

You get thrills with the high roller, live music at Brooklyn Bowl, dining options, drinking spots and more than a few places to indulge in decadence.

9 Reasons To Visit The LINQ Las Vegas

The High Roller - It is easy to decide to walk down the strip toward the massive wheel in your personal viewfinder. The High Roller observation wheel draws you as if there is some pheromone being released into the atmosphere demanding your body turn and walk in that direction. The High Roller is a big reason to visit the LINQ but it is not the only reason. Yes, you will take a 30-minute ride in a Gondola that can potentially hold up to 40 people. (don’t worry, you won’t be cramped) The views are impressive and it is one of those attractions that you have to do at least once. TIP: Try a sunset ride as the lighting is right for great pictures and the dazzling display of natural light turning to Las Vegas lights makes the experience significantly better.​

Polaroid Foto Bar – You don’t have to be depressed about the loss of the Polaroid any longer. Along with a great modern day Fotomat that allows you to transform your digital pictures into Polaroid-like keepsakes there is a Polaroid Museum at the LINQ. The store has workstations to help you edit and select your pictures and you can pull files from your phone, social networking sites, and your personal camera and “develop” them right on the premises. Imagine taking a few selfies and actually having a hard copy. I’m getting nostalgic just thinking about a picture of myself in a Polaroid.

Sprinkles Cupcakes – It really is more than a cupcake. It really is more than a snack. Sprinkles is an adventure in decadence. Sprinkles cupcakes take you on a journey of sweet flavors that tantalize your taste buds and lull you into thinking that three cupcakes in a five-minute feast is perfectly acceptable behavior for an adult. Once you are done with those sweet pillows of freshness you’ll need some ice cream as well. TIP: Go for the salted caramel ice cream as it is so hard to resist the perfect combination of salty and sweet. 

The Style Lounge – The one stop shop to make you look so good. Go in to get pampered and come out looking like a new you. This is perfect for the bachelorette parties or the pre-wedding transformation.

Oshea’s Casino – If you remember the old spot right on the strip you’ll feel a little nostalgic when you see the color and tone of the new place. The casino is small but it still retains a little of that magic of the original Oshea’s.

Brooklyn Bowl – This is the next big deal in Las Vegas. Live music, bowling, cocktails and decent eats. Get a lane and challenge your friends to some un-Vegas type of entertainment while you listen to music from the adjoining stage or sit at the bar and take in the view of the stage, the lanes or the LINQ.

Yard House – Should you be excited about a chain restaurant? Well, yes and no. With so many great options on the strip, you really don’t need to but I like the location with a view of the high roller and I never get tired of a place with over 150 beer taps. The food is average but you can find some good deals and I find that splitting an entrée at the Yardhouse leaves you some extra cash for another beer

Chayo Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar – Can you go wrong with Tequila, Mexican food, and a mechanical bull? Not in Las Vegas. I’m thinking that if you want a little high energy for lunch with a view of the High Roller this could be the spot. The daily happy hour that includes 2 for 1 drink specials and $4 draft beers, as well as taco Tuesdays, is easily enough incentive to get you stop in for a snack and a few adult beverages. Oh, yeah, you can ride the bull if you want. I have some back issues so I’ll pass on that one.

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