Hippest 15 Things to Do in Greenpoint Brooklyn

​Greenpoint is hip. If you don’t believe me, a local Greenpoint grocery store was recently the backdrop for a Harpers Bazaar photo shoot for an upcoming magazine cover, with a scantily clad Gwyneth Paltrow posing with a gallon of milk in the frozen food aisle. If you don’t think that’s hip, Bill Murray sent social media into a flurry when he was caught bartending at the recently opened 21 Greenpoint. But you don't need celebrities to be cool. In Greenpoint, there's a laundromat that doubles as a bar, and an old Polish banquet hall was transformed into a bazaar where you can play ping pong, listen to your favorite bands and enjoy some karaoke. Greenpoint, still a vibrant Polish community, is also home to numerous hipsters and is the setting for the TV show, ​Girls. It’s also undergoing a real estate building boom, with new buildings sprouting up around this lively section of Brooklyn. No longer the sleepy neighbor to Williamsburg, Greenpoint is becoming a destination. From a...MORE lazy afternoon in a scenic waterfront park to browsing in the shops on the main shopping streets, a visit to Greenpoint should definitely be on your list of places to see on your next trip to Brooklyn.    

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    Brooklyn Bazaar
    Brooklyn Bazaar

    In September 2016, the Brooklyn Bazaar reopened after an almost eighteen-month hiatus. The new Brooklyn Bazaar is housed in the former location of Polonaise Terrace, a Polish Banquet Hall in the heart of Greenpoint. The space is now home to concerts and is the perfect spot to play ping pong, challenge a friend to a round of mini golf, enjoy video games at their arcade, drink at one of their four bars, and watch flicks at this wonderland on Greenpoint Avenue, where you can engage in a plethora of actives. ​

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    Sunshine Laundromat
    Sunshine Laundromat

    Pinball wizards should do their washing at this storefront laundromat that has over twenty pinball machines and a bar. If you hate folding, it will be a lot more fun while sipping a beer. Don't spend time looking at your iPhone as you wait for your clothes to finish the spin cycle, instead play a few games of pinball. These retro machines and brews make cleaning your clothes fun. If you don't have a laundry bag filled with soiled clothes in tow, don't worry, it means you'll have more quarters for pinball. 

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    WNYC Transmitter Park
    NYC Parks Department

    If you've spent more than an hour in Brooklyn, chances are you've passed a person sporting WNYC tote bag. If you're not a long time listener, first-time caller, it doesn't mean you won't enjoy an afternoon at the WNYC Transmitter Park. This waterfront park has incredible views of the Manhattan skyline at this quiet spot on the East River. If you're daring, you can fish off their pier. For those traveling with kids, the nautical-themed playground is perfect for little ones.

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    New York City Broken Comedy
    New York City Broken Comedy

    In the 2014 indie flick, Obvious Child, Jenny Slate portrays a stand-up comic who is a regular at a Greenpoint comedy club. To see some real-life comedy in Brooklyn, head to Bar Matchless, where you'll likely to see comedy's emerging stars. Every Monday, Bar Matchless is home to Broken Comedy hosted by  New York comics Mike Denny, Michael Che, and Nimesh Patel. Doors open and 8:30 and it's free. Past performers have included Aziz Ansari, Hannibal Buress, Judah Friedlander, etc.​

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    Alison Lowenstein

    Every serious home cook that visits Brooklyn should make a pilgrimage to Archestratus, a mecca for all foodies. This unique bookstore and cafe, which opened in 2016, only carries cookbooks. Housed off of Greenpoint's main drag, Manhattan Avenue, and a short walk from the subway, the spacious storefront is filled with new and used cookbooks. All of the books in the store are handpicked by owner Paige Lipari, a Brooklyn native who has worked at bookstores throughout the city, as well as many cafes. She’s combined her expertise and love of cooking to craft a shop that will quickly become a Brooklyn staple. The cozy and welcoming ​laid-back atmosphere makes one want to spend an entire afternoon browsing the eclectic collection of books while indulging in some of the incredible Sicilian baked goods from the café. If you're crafty, the store hosts craft nights, as well as, board game nights and many other fun events. Check their website or Facebook page for updates on events. 

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    Greenpoint Gallery
    Greenpoint Gallery

    Looking to see some indie art? You can peruse the galleries of Brooklyn, but make sure you stop in at The Greenpoint Gallery. The gallery was "founded in 2005 by artist, musician and visionary Shawn James, The Greenpoint Gallery is a non-profit gallery that exists to facilitate creativity in all disciplines by providing the perfect solution for New York City artists seeking an affordable and flexible performance, exhibition, and music rehearsal space in which to fulfill their visions. Along with two floors of spacious galleries and rehearsal space, several studios spaces are available for rotating artists in residence." Check their website for the current exhibit and see the work New York City artists are creating.

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    Marlene Rounds / Getty Images

    Donut fans must visit Peter Pan Donut and Pastry, which is a regular on countless lists for New York City's best donuts. The old school Polish bakery with uniformed staff serving coffee, donuts and other pastries. Take a seat at the counter, and start a morning in Brooklyn with a fresh donut from Peter Pan’s and a cup of coffee. The old-fashioned donut shop on Manhattan Avenue is a Greenpoint mecca for doughnut lovers. Fans of chocolate glazed and the classic donuts, will find themselves instantly addicted to their sugary treats. Go early, because I’ve been there when they’ve run out of donuts. Yes, that happens. Also be prepared to stand on line for one of these beloved donuts.

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    Spend A Night Bar Hopping

    Northern Territory
    Northern Territory

    You can have an endless nights of bar hopping in Greenpoint which is overflowing with watering holes. In the summer of 2016, Brooklyn Magazine published a feature on Thirty Two Great Bars in Greenpoint. Yes, there are a lot of bars in Greenpoint. To narrow down your search, here are two great spots. Looking for shuffleboard? Head to The Diamond. Want a nice outdoor space? You must have a brew and some Australian grub on the roof deck at Northern Territory with stellar views of Manhattan. 


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    Word Bookstore. Word Bookstore, Facebook

    Book lovers will enjoy perusing the well-stocked shelves at Word Bookstore on Franklin Street. This cozy indie isn’t just a bookshop it’s a community. The bookstore has a basketball league that raised money for the Greenpoint Food Pantry. The shop has a notable collection of both kid and adult reads. Reading might be a solitary activity, but if you like to talk about books, Word hosts thematic book groups ranging from romance to music indie writing. The shop also hosts many readings, check their website for a list on upcoming activities. 

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    Sample Greenpoint's Great Eats

    Frankel's Delicatessen
    Frankel's Delicatessen

    You can spend an entire day hopping around the many coffee shops in Greenpoint, including the new location of the flagship location of local favorite Champion Coffee. Yet, Greenpoint has a lot more to offer than coffee shops. From authentic Polish eats at Karczma or Polish comfort food at Christina's Polish Restaurant (a personal favorite) to artisanal eats at 21 Greenpoint, where Bill Murray might end up serving you a drink. For old-school Jewish deli food, head to Frankel's Delicatessen. In short, good food is plentiful in Greenpoint. 


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    Book a Room at a Trendy Hotel

    Henry Norman Hotel
    Courtesy of TripAdvisor.com

    Spend the night at one of the many trendy hotels in Greenpoint. From a penthouse loft with a roof deck at the Henry Norman, a former 19th-century warehouse, turned into a fifty room posh hotel. Or book a loft at the Box House Hotel in Greenpoint's industrial section.

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    Pick up Some Vinyl

    Co-Op 87 Records
    Co-op 87 Records

    For those hip folks who own a turntable, and are on a constant quest to score some great vinyl, you can head to these amazing record shops in Brooklyn.  Many of Brooklyn's record stores are in Greenpoint, including Academy Records Annex on Oak Street, which carries a large selection used vinyl. Academy also purchases vinyl if you are trying to unload a collection. After browsing through Academy Records, head to Co-op 87 Records and Tapes on Guernsey Avenue and peruse the milk crates filled with records outside the shop, before checking out their selection of new and used vinyl at this local favorite record store. Co-op 87 also buys vinyl. All vinyl collectors and fans of pop culture should head to The Thing on Manhattan Avenue, the vintage shop has a large collection of inexpensive vinyl, as well as old gaming systems and other relics that thrill collectors. 

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    Go on an Indie Shopping Spree

    Alter Brooklyn
    Alter Brooklyn

    Clothes, books, home goods are all to be found in Greenpoint. The main shopping streets include Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint Avenue, and Franklin Street. Both men and women who want to fashionable and versatile clothes but still want to make their rent, should walk down Franklin Street to Alter, where they're sure to find many clothes, shoes, and even home fragrances at this chic and understated shop For vintage finds. head to the Greenpoint outpost of Beacon's Closet, Dusty Rose Vintage or Mirth Vintage. For unique finds, visit Line & Label, where many of their items are handmade in their shop.

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    St. Vitus Bar
    St. Vitus Bar

    Brooklyn might be teeming with venues to hear indie bands singing lyrics filled with stories of sadness, lost love, and other tunes performed by countless alt-rock bands, but if you're in the mood to rock out to some real rock music, this bar, named after a Black Sabbath song, will hit the spot. If you thought heavy metal and rock was just an eighties trend, think again. This carefully crafted bar and performance space is a must visit. For those who want to sing, but don't have the time or talent to be in a band, head to St Vitus on Fridays and Saturdays at midnight for late night karaoke.  Enjoy their signature drink, The St. Vitus, as you rock out to new heavy metal tunes at this hipster and rock favorite, and feast on grub which ranges from short ribs to BBQ tofu. Yes, Brooklyn rockers still enjoy artisanal eats and drinks.

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    Warsaw Records
    Warsaw Records

    The Polish Community Center, "where pierogies meet punk," hosts bands like Weezer, and also serves pierogies. Hang out at the bar or watch a band in their ballroom. There'​s a retro vibe and dive bar atmosphere at this casual concert venue in the Polish National House in Greenpoint, which feels like the setting for a 1950s prom or old school dance. If seeing a show here inspires you to see a concert at another non-traditional music venue in Brooklyn, add on a trip to House of Vans in Greenpoint, where you can skateboard and/or see a show. If you want to venture further than Greenpoint, check out our list of Unique Music Venues.