Top 7 Reasons to Visit Central America

Central America is a thin strip of land that unites North and South America. It's location gives it tons of natural advantages over the other pars of the continent and makes it a great place to go for a unique vacation. However, when I talk to people about traveling to and around Central America I keep getting comments like What is there? Why would you even consider going there?

They don't seem to know about all of the fun reasons to visit the area. But these seven countries, separately or combines, can provide an unforgettable adventure for all sorts of travelers. I have been living here for years with my family and still haven't been able to enjoy everything it has to offer.

So I decided to put up this short list to try to convince all of you who don't believe me yet. 

Here are 7 Reasons to Travel to Central America

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Tons of Archaeological Sites

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Before the conquest by Europeans, important civilizations lived in the area and the structures that remain from their cities, religious centers, and even some roads.  

One of those civilizations and the most well known is are the Mayas. There are tons of archaeological sites spread all over Belize and Guatemala, there are some other in El Salvador and Honduras. They were around for centuries but had already started to decline by the time the Spaniards set foot in the region. 

The most visited of those ancient cities is Tikal and for good reason. Its structures are very well preserved and it was once one of the most impressive cities in the region. It is so big that it takes a couple of days to fully explore it so I would recommend staying in it. You get the option to camp or to get a room. 

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Ancient and Modern Mayan Culture

During the times of the ancient Egyptians, all the way through the medieval days and for a portion of the Renaissance. In this part of the world a civilization emerged and thrived for centuries. By the time the Europeans set foot in this region most of the largest cities were already abandoned and the ones still existing where at war with each other.

Time allowed the jungle to take over the structures of all the abandoned cities. Just a few decades ago archaeologists started uncovering and studying as many cities as they could find. There are tons of them and we are all able to visit most of them now.

Most of them are packed all over Guatemala you will have one near you wherever you go. But you can also find a few spectacular ones in Belize, El Salvador, and Honduras.  

If you come to the region you need to visit at least one of them.

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Its Natural Beauties

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Due to its location, Central America allows it to have an amazing weather all year long. It is always warm and humid. This has allowed tropical forests to thrive in it. It has also turned it into a place with tons of water bodies.

The region is also located in the abduction zone of two tectonic plates, giving the area tons of mountains and volcanoes covered with dense jungles.  

Can you imagine the possibilities? There are mountains, volcanoes, lakes, lagoons, rivers, huge active and dry caves, waterfalls and beaches on both coasts. Most of those are either hidden or lined by dense forests, each with tons of animals that you might be able to find if you pay attention.  

Biodiversity here is impressive; the region is known as one of the best places for bird watching and for sport fishing. 

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Tons of Adventure Tours

This reason ones hand in hand with the previous one. Can you imagine the crazy amount of opportunities for adventure tours being offered in each of the Central American countries? With all of those natural beauties, you can practice almost any adventure sport in the region.

In the lakes, you can go kayaking, on boat tours, diving, snorkeling, swimming, and fishing. Tons of the rivers are great for rafting and even form gorgeous waterfalls here you can enjoy rappelling.

In its beaches you can go jet skiing, surfing and all of its mountains and volcanoes offer challenging hikes, some other that are easier ant all of them provide great opportunities for wildlife and bird watching. You can also hit the trails in a 4x4 vehicle, an ATV or a mountain bike.

You even get to fly about the forest on a cable if you go on a canopy tour. 

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From Budget Friendly to Luxury Options

This is one of the main things you will notice about the region. Whether it is accommodations, food, and tours, the region offers an interesting mixture of some of the cheapest options you will ever find, upscale, five-star services and everything in between.

At first, I must admit that I was surprised about the variety. It made my lonely, budget trips a lot more affordable. And now that I’m older and traveling with my family I get to stay in better, more luxurious and expensive places.

I find it one of the main reasons to visit the area. There is literally something for everyone. I don’t think there is someone who wouldn’t enjoy exploring the region.

Some people are afraid because some countries have the reputation of being violent. But after living for almost 10 years here I can tell you that yes, there is crime just like anywhere else in the world. All you need is common sense. 

Those crimes that you read about are not against travelers; 99.9% of the times visitors are not a target for anyone.

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The Weather

Central America enjoys a warm, tropical weather all year long. Yes, temperatures drop a bit towards the end of the year but it is no very significant. It also gets some rain between May and October. However, the cool thing is that even on the rainy season, it won't rain more than a couple of hours each day and it doesn't really rain daily. 

This still allows you to do all sorts of fun outdoor activities even on the rainy season. A light waterproof jacket. 

I know I sound like a broken record by now it this is again due to its amazing location. 

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All of the Beaches

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All of the countries of Central America have beaches. The largest ones even have beaches on both coasts. so you get an awesome combination of some of the best beaches for surfing that the Pacific Ocean has to offer and some of the most gorgeous and least explored beaches that the Caribbean Sea can show you. 

If you want white sandy beaches, relaxed waters, diving, and snorkeling, you will find Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua have great options. If you are looking for great waves for surfing, Guatemala and El Salvador are the best places to visit. 

If these 7 reasons didn't convince you to come to this part of the world, I'm not sure what will. The area offers travelers all sorts of activities.

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