Head To The Raw Bar In Las Vegas For Oysters

Fresh oysters on ice, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Stuart Dee/Getty Images

I can remember the first time I decided that I was going to try oysters. The moment is chiseled into my memory like the birth of my first child or my first kiss. The silky texture upon entering my mouth with a hint of the ocean. It was briny but not in the way it could be considered bad and I could almost taste the fog rolling into the Pacific Northwest.

You can only imagine how my love affair with the oyster has grown over the years. I seek out raw bars just for an opportunity to have a good beer with a dozen oysters. I sit alone with oysters with names such as Kumamoto, Olympia, Kushi and Blue Point. In Las Vegas there are plenty of opportunities to have oysters as it seems that every steak house wants to bring out the giant seafood tower that is overflowing with crab legs, giant prawns and a few oysters. While that can work for me I prefer sitting at a bar and getting a dozen of the bi-valves and indulging in the candy of the sea.

Where to go for Oysters in Las Vegas:

The Oyster Bar at Harrah's has been one of my favorite places for years. You can get a bowl of soup and some crackers and get out of there with a filling cheap meal for under $10. If you are looking for oysters, their everyday prices are some of the most affordable on the Las Vegas strip. I also need to have the steamers. I'll order the Mussels Fra Diavolo with a half dozen oysters on the half shell.

Yes, Old Homestead Steakhouse has one of those leaning towers of seafood but they also have a cool bar where you can get your fill of oysters while enjoying a few beers. I would also consider the huge shrimp cocktail that can fry your brain with very potent cocktail sauce.

Emeril's New Orlean's Fish House has a $1.50 oyster happy hour special that is worth sitting at the bar for. From 2 - 6pm grab a beer and some oysters while fighting the temptation to have a shrimp po' boy.

If sustainable fishing is important to you, you'll appreciate RM Seafood at The Mandalay Bay. I will warn you that prices are bit more here but the quality is right up there with some of the best anywhere. Their cocktail menu is also impressive so you can indulge in oysters and have a creative drink.

Seafood lovers need to experience the Village Seafood Buffet at Rio at least once. Yes, it is a buffet but when you are faced with unlimited crab legs, lobster tails and oysters you can imagine that paying $40 is a bargain. The oysters are not super high-end but you can get a lot more in. The common quantity vs. quality argument can be made here but when I need a heavy dose of oyster love, I'm indulging here.

I really love the pan roasts here as well at the late night specials but I can always fit in some Oysters Rockefeller at the Oyster Bar at Palace Station. A line develops at this oyster bar so you'll need to be patient.