Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Silicon Valley

Girl wearing rainboots in a puddle

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While Silicon Valley has many days of sunshine and some of the best weather in the Bay Area, it does get rain every once in a while. Here are some of the best rainy day activities in San Jose and Silicon Valley.

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Visit a Museum

San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation Laboratorio in Silicon Valley

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Rainy days are great times to visit one of Silicon Valley's diverse museums. Check out a local art museum, a ​science and technology museum, or a history museum. If you need to entertain small kids, visit one of the area's excellent children's museums.

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Try a New Restaurant or Cafe

chicken gyro at Nick the Greek in San Jose, California.

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Rainy days are great times to go out to eat or hole up in a cozy coffee shop. Silicon Valley has lots of exciting restaurants and cuisine from around the world. Try something new close to home or near your hotel.

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Go Wine Tasting or to Visit a Brewery

Chardonnay from David Bruce Winery in Santa Cruz Mountains in California.

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There's no need to drive all the way up to Napa or Sonoma to sample some quality Northern California wines. The nearby Santa Cruz Mountain and Santa Clara Valley wine regions offer a range of tasting experiences close to home.

Local wine bars and craft beer breweries are also great for sampling wine and beer while waiting for the storm to pass.

Always bring a designated driver, or hire a taxi, Uber, or Lyft.

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Go Shopping

indoors at the Westfield Valley Fair Mall in Silicon Valley found in Santa Clara, California

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Let retail therapy help you get over your rainy day blues. Head to one of Silicon Valley's downtown business districts, shopping centers, or stay completely indoors at one of the many enclosed shopping malls.

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Indoor Playgrounds and Sports

indoor rock climbing in Belmont, California, in Silicon Valley

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Staying active can be hard when the rain is coming down. One family-friendly way to burn off some energy is to head to an indoor playground, trampoline gym, swimming pool, ​indoor ice skating rink, roller rink, or indoor rock climbing gym.​​

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Tour the Winchester Mystery House

Mrs. Winchester's death room at the Winchester Mystery House in Silicon Valley, in San Jose, California

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Another option is to take a tour of the Winchester Mystery House, which is an elaborate, 160-room Victorian mansion. The unusual building methods are said to have been intended to ward off unsettled spirits. In the fall, it offers spooky evening flashlight tours and in the winter Christmas-themed tours. Most of the Winchester House tour takes place indoors so it's a good activity for a rainy day.

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Go to a Movie

Interior of the Stanford Theater in Palo Alto, California, in Silicon Valley

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From blockbusters to children's favorites and more, movie theaters are always a great place to get out of the weather on a rainy day.

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