Best Radio Stations in the Bay Area

Believe it or not, radio is still a medium. And the Bay Area actually has some really great stations.  But these are the top ten to save a spot for on your regular rotation. 

For News

88.5 FM - KQED
KQED partners with NPR so this is where you'll find all your favorite national radio programs (Car Talk on Saturdays, Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, and This American Life). But they've also got their own weekly reporting that's worth a listen.

Michael Krasny's Forum program plays every weekday morning from 9AM-11AM and often covers local issues like what's coming up on the ballot or issues of national import. Live web streaming

For Baseball & Football​

KNBR 980
This station is known as "Giants Radio" and from April to October, it is dedicated to just that. Want to hear the latest on the most recent drafts? Tune into KNBR. Plus KNBR has got Kruk and Kuip, broadcasters Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper who have covered every Giants game since the 90s. There's even a beautiful story behind their friendship. When KNBR isn't dedicated to the Giants, you can expect plenty of coverage about the 49ers, even if their record isn't too hot. 

For Basketball

The Warriors had a bit of a problem last year: during the playoffs, you couldn't find them on the radio. That's because they used to be on KNBR, which prioritizes the Giants above all other sports teams.

So the Warriors franchise picked up and move to 97.5 and here they reign supreme. You'll still find other coverage—the Oakland Raiders are also covered by The Game—but anytime a Warriors game is on, everything else is pushed to the side. 

For Blues Classics

89.5-  KPOO
The self-proclaimed "poor people's radio" is commercial free and plays classic reggae, blues, jazz, and even gospel hymns.

It's best on Saturday afternoons when the DJs rotated through Latin beats and segue into a reggae hour—perfect for any beach adventure. But check their program schedule to find your ideal listening time. Live web streaming

For Top 40s

106.1 KMEL
An I Heart Radio station, 106.1 always plays the newest from Drake, Beyonce, Nick Minaj, Rihanna, DJ Mustard—you name an artist on the Top 40 and they're likely being played on the Hip Hop station. 

For Throwbacks

But if you're in the mood for old-school hip-hop, head over to 102.1. Their schtick is they play "ten throws in a row" without a commercial break. If you hit it at that sweet spot, you'll be listening to Biggie Smalls, H-Town, and Snoop Dogg. Make sure to tune into the Hoodrat Miguel for great post-work tunes and giveaways for events and concerts around the Bay Area. 

For Alternative Rock

104.5 KFOG
For alternative rock, whether it be popular and brand new or from a few decades back, is the name of the game on KFOG. Weekend mornings welcome in Acoustic Sunrise, which is strictly acoustic songs, but all somewhat familiar that you'll recognize after a few strums of the guitar. 

For 80s Classics

You know you're listening to a good station when its name is The Breeze.

Here you'll find a lot Michael Jackson, some yacht rock here and there, and occasionally Selena. It's a great station throughout the day, but be wary of the commercial breaks. 

Honorable Mentions

94.9 FM - KYLD – Wild 949
Urban, pop and R & B
Live web streaming

96.5 FM - KOIT
Light rock, adult contemporary
Live web streaming

105.3 FM - LIVE 105
Adult alternative, new music
Live web streaming

107.7 FM - KSAN – The Bone
Rock, metal
Live web streaming