Radio Stations in Sonoma County

KSRO radio personality Steve Garner does his Good Food Hour show at the Sonoma County Grape Harvest
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Sonoma County’s local radio stations are listed below by type of music played and then by alphabetical order.

Adult Contemporary

KDHT: 104.9 FM
K-Hits 104.9
Rohnert Park
Playing 80s-based classic hits, this station features artists such as Madonna, Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel, and Aerosmith.

KJZY: 93.7 FM
Smooth FM 93.7
In 2017, the station changed its format from smooth jazz to soft adult contemporary.

KTDE: 100.5 FM
The Tide
The station plays an eclectic mix of classic rock, blues, oldies, alternative rock, jazz, R&B, soul, rockabilly, light classical, and light Latin rock. Some community affairs programming is also included.

KZST: 100.1 FM
100.1 KZST
Santa Rosa
Expect to hear a range of adult contemporary hits on this channel. During the holiday season, the station plays Christmas music.

Alternative Rock

KSXY: 100.9 FM
The 101
This station has gone through several format changes over the year, but in 2017, it became a modern alternative station.


KLVR: 91.9 FM
Although K-Love is a nationally syndicated broadcast with stations throughout the country, it's included in this local list because K-Love started in Santa Rosa 25 years ago. This station plays contemporary Christian music radio programming.


KFGY: 92.9 FM
Froggy 92.9


KSRO: 1350 AM, 94.5 FM, and 103.5 FM
Sonoma County's News Talk
Santa Rosa
The format is more talk than news and features a mix of syndicated hosts such as Laura Ingraham who lean to the political right and local hosts who discuss topics such as wine and food. It also includes interviews with musicians and artists.

Public Radio

KQED: 88.3 FM
KQED Public Radio
Santa Rosa

KRCB: 91.1 FM
North Bay Public Media
Rohnert Park

KSVY: 91.3 FM
Voice of the Valley
These stations program public radio classics such as "All Things Considered," and a wide variety of panels, commentators, and interviewers on topics of political and social significance. KQED, along with most public broadcasting, skews somewhat to the political left.


KRSH: 95.9 FM
The Krush
The programming falls mostly within the "adult album alternative" format, which includes a wide variety of musicians ranging from Weezer to the Grateful Dead, the Wallflowers and Pearl Jam. It is the format that comes closest to reproducing the genre-busting (and defunct) KMPX, which was San Francisco's radio contribution to the San Francisco Sound and anything else that appealed to its consciously hip DJs.

KNOB: 96.7 FM
96.7 Bob FM
The format does play anything—so long as it doesn't stray far from conventional alternative rock formats.

KVRV: 97.7 FM
The River
Monte Rio
This station plays the Rolling Stones, Metallica, and almost everything in between.


KBBF: 89.1 FM
La Voz de tu Comunidad
Santa Rosa
The station has always been bilingual and features a wide variety of Latin artists and occasional jazz and R&B artists, along with community affairs programming and talk radio.

KRRS: 1460 AM
El Patron Radio
Santa Rosa
Programming for this station is within the Regional Mexican format, which includes music, news, and talk.

KXTS: 100.9 FM
Exitos 98.7
This is another station with a Regional Mexican programming format.

KZNB: 1490 AM
La Z
This is also another station with a Regional Mexican programming format.

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