FM Radio Stations in Charlotte

Where to Find All Your Favorite Sounds

women changing the radio station in a car
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If you love music while you're in the car, the radio is the easiest way to find it. But trying to find a certain type of music on the radio when you're visiting in an unfamiliar place can be frustrating. Rolling through the dial takes time because you have to stop an listen to commercials or a DJ talking before the next song is played and you can decide whether that music is your vibe or not.

We've got you covered in Charlotte, though, with this list of local FM radio stations.

Here you will find the stations' dial numbers, call letters, and genre. Charlotte offers a banquet of choices, with gospel, classical, jazz, country, classic rock, hits, urban oldies, alternative rock, religious, and local and national talk radio and news all on the FM dial. So scroll down the list and dial up your favorites for some great listening in Charlotte and environs.

Charlotte Radio Stations on the FM Dial


88.1: JOY FM (WPIR)

88.7: WNCW

South Carolina Public Radio

88.9: WNSC

Classical Public Radio

89.9: Davidson College Radio (WDAV)


90.7: WFAE

National Public Radio

90.7: WFAE

No. 1 Hits

95.1: Kiss (WNKS)

Classic Rock

95.7: The Ride (WXRC)


96.1: The Beat (WIBT)

New Country

96.9: The Kat (WKKT)

News and Talk

99.3: WBT

Classic Rock

99.7: The Fox (WRFX)


100.9: Praise

All Genres

102.9: The Lake (WLYT)

Urban Oldies

105.3: WOSF

Alternative Rock

106.5: The End (WEND)


106.9: The Light (WFGW)


107.1: The Interstate (WRHM)

Talk and Music Mix

107.9: The Link (WLNK)