Quirky Road Trip Attractions To Enjoy In Florida

Wooden steps descending down the Devil's Millhopper

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Florida is a state that has a huge amount of visitors every year, and if you are planning on taking a road trip in the United States then including some of the scenic routes in Florida will certainly add to the success of your trip. There are some major theme park and tourist attractions that draw millions of visitors every year, but if you are looking for something slightly different, there are also plenty of oddball attractions to be found around the state.

These attractions will provide color to a road trip, and will often provide some of the memorable, if a little unusual memories from the journey.

The Holy Land Experience, Orlando

 As the name suggests, this Christian inspired theme park provides a recreation of the ancient city of Jerusalem during the period of the First century, when the events around Jesus Christ's death and resurrection were happening. The entrance is through a replica of the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, while there is also a replica of the cave where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, while you can even partake in a communion recreating the Last Supper.


A formula 1 car on a track
Courtesy of Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing 

Don Garlits Museum Of Drag Racing, Ocala


This museum, in Ocala, is the baby of Don Garlits, widely considered to be one of the greatest figures in the sport of drag racing, and it is a wonderful collection of his drag racing cars along with sports cars and other vehicles. The museum is also home to several of his distinctive 'swamp rat' style vehicles which have broken drag racing records, while the site is also the home of the Drag Racing Hall of Fame.


Airstream Ranch, Seffner

 Modern art displays are often large and dramatic, and this row of 'silver bullet' airstream caravans are certainly both of those things. The site has eight of the silver vehicles embedded into the ground at an angle and is just off the I-4 between Tampa and Orlando, but make sure you see it while you can as local lawmakers are keen to remove the site which some locals believe to be an eyesore.


The Airport Cemetery, Tallahassee

 Building an airport is a big job, and it will often require a large amount of property to be able to set up such a facility, so sometimes when a small thing like a few graves are in the way, it can be possible to go ahead and build the airport anyway. You may have to pass a few restricted area signs to get to this small cemetery, but there, just off the runway, you will find a small number of marked graves and a few other unmarked graves in a narrow strip of land bordered by high fences on each side.


The Devil's Millhopper, Gainesville

 This deep natural pit has a drop of 120 feet from the surface, and as you descend down the wooden steps you enter an entirely new ecosystem that is quite different from most of Florida, with a damp and green environment. The site is also significantly cooler than it is on the surface, while there have also been many animal bones and fossils discovered within the pit.


Nautilus Foundation, Monticello

 This ambitious site was actually the project of a Swiss scientist, Francois Bucher, who worked in several universities before settling in Florida, and this was his way of developing a retreat that he and fellow academics could use as a place to think and work after he had retired. The overall plan was never fully completed, and while the artistically designed buildings are now decaying, some of the sculptures on the site are still standing, and Bucher is also buried on this strange, but captivating site.



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