Queen Mary Halloween Dark Harbor

Queen Mary Dark Harbor Halloween Attraction
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Queen Mary's Dark Harbor is the annual nighttime Halloween attraction on and off the historic ocean liner. It' has multiple professionally developed mazes and hundreds of scare actors, like the big theme park haunts, but instead of a park full of rides, the ship itself is the additional attraction.

The Queen Mary Dark Harbor Halloween

Location: The Queen Mary - 1126 Queens Hwy. Long Beach, Ca. 90802
Dates: Sep 29-Oct 31 
Hours: 7 pm-midnight, 1 am on Fridays and Saturdays
Cost: from $24 (presale) - $39 online general admission depending on date (save $3.50 and avoid ticket line), Group rate, Fast Fright, VIP and multi-day tickets are available.

Parking: $20
Info and Tickets: http://www.queenmary.com/dark-harbor/ or check Goldstar.com.

Queen Mary's Dark Harbor is a nighttime Halloween attraction on and off the historic ocean liner.

Dark Harbor Review

by Melissa Breccia

In a retired luxury liner where paranormal activity pays no mind to the seasons, the Queen Mary sets high expectations. Permanently moored in Long Beach and perpetually equipped to give visitors eerie vibes, the ship exudes a wonderfully chilling atmosphere.

Dark Harbor offers six well-designed mazes of generous lengths and a few other attractions that are priced separately. Taking advantage of the atmosphere, three of the six mazes reside inside the ship, while the rest are located in the Queen Mary dome or on the lot.

The mazes inside the ship feel real because the Queen Mary is not a makeshift set that pops up for Halloween; it is a famed and impressive vessel year-round.

Narrow halls, ship machinery, steep stairwells and a drained pool are stimulating in the most horrific way.

 “Lullaby,” “B340” and “Soulmate” utilize tight spaces and the aging structure of the liner to build on the stories that have been naturally created over the years. The maze “B340” is a twisted interpretation of the history of the actual stateroom, which is said to be the most haunted room on the ship.

It is filled with dark characters and claustrophobia. If you feel as though you are being watched, take comfort in knowing that it is not just your imagination—there is always someone lurking.

The mazes “Intrepid,” “Deadrise” and “Circus” are situated outside and although the eternal residents of the Queen Mary might not possess them, there are plenty of monsters roaming around. The most intensive of all the mazes, “Intrepid,” is a conveyor belt of scares. There is almost no time to recover from each passing phantom that dwells inside the “Express to Iron Hell,” as you enter tunnels, shipyards, and trains.​

The Queen Mary spares no expense in terms of creativity and production value. “Circus” warps the best elements of a funhouse with sinister clowns and tricky passages. A ball pit, a bridge through a spinning vortex and floorboards that slide as you walk over them are just a few of the most exciting parts of this maze.

Aside from these mazes, there is also “Sideshow,” which costs an additional $5 and starts off with some one-on-one conversation with a skeleton that enjoys toying with its guests. During my interaction, we played the game “Simon Says” before heading into a maze that hides ghouls in plain sight and distorts your vision with heavy fog.

A paintball shooting gallery, a dementedly fast swing ride, and a 4D theatre show comprise the rest of the attractions that cost a few more dollars each. The 4D theatre sends its audience through a gruesome Queen Mary where a demented creature and its friends are hungry for a good chase.

The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor is not to be missed. It is well executed, the grounds are simple to navigate, and since the ship is a hotel, you can continue the experience all night long if you dare to sleep in one of the staterooms. If you go, wear decent shoes with good traction and be prepared to encounter passionate scare acting and amazing production design.

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