Quebec Fall Foliage Report

Where to Peep, When to Peep Across Quebec

The Quebec fall foliage report details when and where fall leaves are peaking across Quebec.
Quebec fall foliage season extends from September to early November at the very latest, though most leaves are on the ground by late October. The dates vary every year and different regions peak at different times. Jeremy Woodhouse / Holly Wilmeth / Getty Images

Quebec fall foliage is breathtaking. You read me. Could I have picked a more clichéd word to describe the experience? Probably not. But clichés are clichés for a reason. They're often true.

And since Quebec is among but a handful of places considered the best leaf-peeping destinations in the world, can you honestly blame me for employing a tired, overused platitude? The only hiccup with the season is it's fairly short-lived so unless you get your timing just right, you could miss out on a gorgeous array of colors, even if off by just a week.

Quebec Fall Foliage Report: When to Peep, Where to Peep

Fall foliage season in Quebec runs from about September to early November, but the dates vary every year because of the unpredictable nature of weather. The leaves are dependent on the interplay of days growing shorter and temperatures dropping to signal them to stop producing chlorophyll, the molecule responsible for leaves' green tinge.

Hence the helpfulness of the Quebec Fall Foliage report. It keeps track of whether leaves are in their color peak season or not, detailing season status for different regions across Quebec.

The Greater Montreal Area tends to peak the latest, so expect leaf-peeping season to reach its colored apex in the city around early and mid-October whereas regions such as the Laurentians and the Eastern Townships usually get a head start on their peak seasons in mid to late September.

For details on how leaves are behaving this year, contact Tourisme Québec. The tourism board used to provide an online fall foliage report but it hasn't been available in recent. Call Tourisme Québec toll-free at 1-877-BONJOUR (266-5687) to enquire how foliage season is coming along.

More Fall Attractions

Heading to the province of Quebec for some leaf peeping naturally leads to its biggest metropolis, Montreal, a vibrant multicultural French-speaking city featuring not only several idyllic fall foliage destinations but an incredible food scene, bustling nightlife, rejuvenating spas, and a wide assortment of fall festivals.

Must-see events include Gardens of Light, a Chinese lanterns festival and Japanese garden light show in one held every fall at the Montreal Botanical Garden, and the Montreal Zombie Walk which by title alone is self-explanatory. There's also something for photography enthusiasts and indie music fans.

Finally, fall is harvest season. If you can't make a beeline for one of Quebec's many apple orchards located just outside Montreal, then shift that destination to the Jean-Talon Market. It's alive with produce and vendors primed to share samples of their goods.

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