Pumpkin Patch Picking Near Montreal

Where to Pick, When to Pick, and What to Do With 'Em Once You Bring 'Em Home

Pumpkin Patch Picking Near Montreal

When fall hits Montreal, a common, seasonal, knee-jerk reaction is to head out to the country for an afternoon of apple picking. But apples aren't the only pick-your-own fruit on the autumn block. The squash family -think zucchinis, butternuts, and of course, Halloween's chief edible mascot, the pumpkin- also primes itself for fall picking season from roughly mid-August until the end of October, give or take two weeks depending on weather conditions during growing season.

Squash? A Fruit?

Yes. Squash is technically fruit. The giveaway is the presence of seeds. Coincidentally, most veggies -tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers- are fruits too. Don't believe me? Ask a botanist. But in the confines of our kitchens, popular culture trumps botanical definition. In other words, if we typically use a given “fruit” for salty and savory dishes, then society at large calls it a vegetable.

So where does one find a pumpkin patch near Montreal?

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    Pumpkin patches near Montreal.
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    Pumpkin patches near Montreal are not quite as abundant as say, apple orchards, but there's nonetheless a handful about a one hour's drive or less from Montreal. And kids love them.

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    Pumpkin patches near Montreal include these top picks and some city centre options.
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    Kids have also been known to love picking their favorite pumpkins at Montreal's best and brightest public markets. It's not quite a country outing and much less a pumpkin patch, but hey, not everyone has a car, time, resources, whatever to pack up the clan and scoot out of town. And besides. Heading to some of Montreal's markets, including my personal favorite which has pumpkins so big, some kids would have to climb on them to reach the top, feels like a family-friendly adventure on its own. 

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