Pumpkin Body Scrub Recipe

homemade pumpkin body scrub.
••• It's usually best to make your scrub in a non-breakable rubber bowl. Getty Images: NightAndDayImages

This home-made pumpkin body scrub is fun to make starting in the fall, and all the way through the holidays. It exfoliates your skin and nourishes it in number of way. Pumpkin is rich in vitamin A, which soothes the skin; honey is hydrating and olive oil moisturizes while delivering vitamin E and other antioxidants. Keep it natural and use organic pumpkin, brown sugar and olive oil for this body scrub.

 Make sure the pumpkin is 100% pureed pumpkin with no preservatives, not a pumpkin pie mix. This recipe makes enough for a single person,  but if you have a partner you can double the recipe and scrub each other!  


  • 1/2 cup organic pureed pumpkin
  • 1/2 cup organic brown sugar
  • 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • Optional: You can also add a small amount of powdered cinnamon, powdered clove, or a drop of vanilla, to make it more uplifting. All three can scents can also be added as essential oils, but just use a drop or two. Clove (said to be an aphrodisiac) and cinnamon can be irritating if applied directly to the skin.


Mix the pumpkin and brown sugar in a clean, unbreakable bowl with a clean spoon (or disposable wooden stick), then drizzle in the olive oil, honey and optional spices and finish blending. That's basically it!  

Spa therapists use a rubber mixing bowl because it's non-porous, oil-resistant, and easy-to-clean.

It's designed with high sides so product doesn't spill out, and it's compact so it can sit easily on the edge of your tub. At $15, it's worth investing in one.  A spa therapist mixes the body scrub with a disposable wooden stick to cut down on the number of implements that need to be washed and sanitized, but that's not so important in a home setting.

How To Use Your Home-made Pumpkin Body Scrub

Once your pumpkin body scrub is made, you can take it right to the bathroom and add a few extras like candles to turn your home body scrub into a nurturing at-home spa experience. Here are some tips for giving yourself a great body scrub at home. 

  • Put a towel on the side of your empty tub and sit on it, with your legs inside the tub.  Put a small amount on the pumpkin scrub on one part of your dry body–your lower leg, for instance –and rub. The abrasiveness of the sugar will start to remove the dead skin cells.

  • Try to spend at least a minute or two on each body part. If you do it too quickly, you won't get good results.  

  • While seated, scrub your legs (front and back), arms (both sides and underarms), shoulders, back of neck, décolletage, and belly. Move your hand in a clockwise position on your belly, and go lightly or avoid the delicate skin of your breasts. 

  • Stand up to work on your behind, back and sides. It is almost impossible to reach the center of your back, so you can either ask someone to help or use long-handled skin brush. This is a good time to wipe away loose scrub so it falls into the tub.

  • Sit back down on the towel and finish by giving your feet a good scrub. 

  • Now it's time to rinse off the scrub with water.  Start by rinsing your feet while you're seated so you don't slip in the tub. Stand up, shake any sugar crystals off the towel into the tub, then place it outside the tub. Step outside the tub to get your shower started.

  • When the water is the right temperature, step in and let the water wash off the residue while your rub your body. Check under your arms, your breasts, your neckline and around your behind. You definitely want every little bit of sugar off before you step out of the shower and dry off.

  • Don't use soap.  That will wash away the hydrating oil and dry out your skin. 

Even in the shower you'll be able to tell that your skin is softer and smoother. After drying off, put on your favorite body cream or oil. You can even make your own natural body oil with holiday scents like cinammon, clove and vanilla.

But remember, this doesn't take the place of a professional body scrub.  A spa therapist takes 25 minutes on the whole body and has better technique–that's why you feel smoother when they do it.